Admob plugin does not work on iOS8.2/8.3

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  • Problem Description

    The native Admob plugin does not work on iOS 8.2, Intel XDK builds. No ads are displayed, either test or production.

    It used to work fine on iOS 8.0 (last tested Jan 15) but something appears to be broken now.

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx

    Preloads Admob banner and interstitial, then displays both when the button is clicked.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Observed Result

    No ads are displayed. Tested on:

    iPod 5/iOS 8.2

    iPad 2/iOS 8.2

    Expected Result

    Display ads.

    Affected Browsers

    XDK Cordova iOS App

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win 8.1 64bit

    Construct 2 Version ID


    [edit] also doesn't work on the recent update iOS 8.3

  • Update:

    The Intel XDK just had an update (v1912) correcting an issue where plugins were not installed correctly.. I will check to see it that is the problem.


    Issues Addressed:

    Corrected the issue with intel.xdk plugins where if you selected the Emulator after selecting to include a plugin, the plugin was marked as "disabled" in the project.xdk file and thus was not included in the test or build uploads. In order for the plugins to work, you had to again deselect/select the plugin.

    Corrected and issue where sometimes 3rd party plugins were not getting included in the built application.

    Corrected an issue where if you selected the "Standard Cordova Plugins" check box (to select/deselect all Cordova plugins) then quickly selected/deselected individual plugins the list and build packages could get out of sync.

  • Just tested a build with XDK update v1912, and no change.

    No iOS Admob ads for some reason.

    The XDK build report states:

    "Plugin "" (1.0.31) installed."

    Is this version compatible with iOS 8.2/8.3?

  • I've also tested this. I'm not sure if my problem is the same.

    I get a white screen then a black screen and that's as far as it gets.

    iPad 2, iOS 8.2

    -exported to Cordova, no minify, Intel XDK 1912

    -tested from the Intel server and from local WiFi. Same result on both.


  • the problem is not ios 8.X

    the problem is you have to update google admob sdk and update the plugin because they change the call for banner and interstitial

  • matrixreal I guess that is up to Intel imaffett and cranberrygame to make the update then?

  • any news on this?

  • aquinn




    Cordova registry native plugin ( is deprecated (it is read only and can not be updated)

    So use the following npm registry (cordova-plugin-ad-admob) - Download XDK - XDK PORJECTS - [specific project] - CORDOVA HYBRID MOBILE APP SETTINGS - Plugins - Third Party Plugins - Add a Third Party Plugin - Get Plugin from the Web -

    Name: admob
    Plugin ID: cordova-plugin-ad-admob
    [Do not check] Plugin is located in the Apache Cordova Plugins Registry
    Repo URL:[/code:b05lco5h]
    To see more, see this link: [url=] ... -admob#xdk[/url]
  • cranberrygame

    we have to do this only for admob plugin ? or for all your plugins ?


  • cranberrygame

    Any news about an update for iOS? Builds are failing because of the "cordova-plugin-ad-admob" plugin. I take it out and it builds perfectly.

    Any help would be great.


  • ** double post, sorry **

  • cranberrygame

    Any news about an update for iOS? Builds are failing because of the "cordova-plugin-ad-admob" plugin. I take it out and it builds perfectly.

    Any help would be great.


    I have the same problem, here is the first error in the log:

    ... "/Plugins/cordova-plugin-ad-admob/Admob.h:8:9: fatal error: 'GoogleMobileAds/GADAdSize.h' file not found

    #import <GoogleMobileAds/GADAdSize.h>


    1 error generated.

    ** BUILD FAILED **"

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  • The original report is over a year old, and it seems unlikely that the original report is relevant to any issues that are happening now, especially if they only occurred recently. Please file a new report following all the guidelines if you still have trouble.

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