Steam Broken file association from Explorer launch

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  • Steps to reproduce:

    1. Install construct 2 v114 From

    2. Install construct 2 v119 64bit Via Steam

    3. Uninstall Stable version 114 from windows.

    4. Try to open .CAPX file from windows 7 explorer and file association broken.

    5. Find the steam version of construct 2 in the steam/commons folder and associate the file with the 64 bit executable with the automatic open file dialog.

    6. Double click on the CAPX file to launch the file, and it will load as the free demo version, not as the licenced version.

    Observed result:

    Demo version if you load from explorer.... Full version if you load from inside construct 2.

    Checked the registry for erros ad it seems to be linking everything properly :

    "C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Construct2\Construct2-Win64\Construct2.exe" "%1"

    Expected result:

    Proper file associations upon uninstall if the older version.

    steam://rungameid/227980 is not valid for the file association.

    Browsers affected:

    Chrome: NA

    Firefox: NA

    Internet Explorer: NA

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit version USA ,SP current from auto update.

    Construct 2 version:

    Steam, 119

  • Whenever I click a capx to open, it tries to open the free version, rather than the steam version.

    Even when I uninstall the free version and set it to open with the paid version, it keeps trying to install the free version.

    I messed around deleting files and now when I click downloaded capx files it just returns an error "Failed to start Construct 2", but I have Construct 2 and it runs fine from Steam and from the desktop shortcut!

  • I gave up and went back to the non-steam version.

    SOmething you might try is finding your C2 folder in the steam commons folder, and putting the licence text file in there, rather than in the "My Documents " folder.

  • Ya, I've got the same problem. It's not that hard to just open Construct 2 and then load from there, but it would be nice to be able to open projects from Windows Explorer.

  • Any fix on this or work around?

  • Hi all, I've wrote a small script that helps with Construct 2 Personal (Steam version) problem (file associations broken). Here is it

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  • bug_fixer,

    Thanks for this... don't take it the wrong way - just watching out for my machine

    What does it do? What operating system? A little more info for us who are concerned about installing. Could a developer confirm that this is okay?

    (Please bug_fixer, not trying to offend you, I am so grateful if this works, just need to make sure that it doesn't break something because I use win 7 64bit proffessional and it tends not to play well with others ) <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • It is an AutoIT v3 script that launches Steam Construct 2 Personal (only if it isn't started already) and automate your project launch. Installer associates Construct 2 files with my script so when u click on .capx file it stores the variable to that file path and send it to Steam Construct 2 Personal using scripting language with hotkey commands so now file associations work like in non-Steam version. Tested on Win7x64.

  • It works! bug_fixer, thanks for this, it works great. This is going to help tons until scirra/steam fixes the issue.

    Thank you, thank you.

    Edit: and if it is started already it opens selected file in project menu - very cool thank you. So I can now open from browser <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Just saying for those who haven't tried it - this fix is magic, I hope it gets worked into future versions, because it is so nice being able to open via explorer window again. Thank you so much bug_fixer, this is awesome.

  • This fix no longer works :(

    Thanks anyways.

  • Are u sure? Try to reinstall my fix. I tested with R146 and it works.

  • Unistalled and deleted it - it got stuck in command prompt window. Was since last beta, I'm in communication with steam at the moment with regards to all the issues of Construct 2 using their system.

    Lets hope some progress can be made, else we can convince Ashley to give us standard license until "They" steam/c2 sort out the problems because this is starting to get ridiculous.

  • U didn't needed to uninstall it, just install it again. Here is new link (old one was expired)

  • Lol, thank you - it works. What was changes between last beta(s) and this version? Because it didn't work last beta or beta before that.

    So it still works.

    Now to get this implemented in future releases lol :)

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