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  • I wasn't sure if this was a bug or a "how do I" kind of question, but I'm putting it here.

    I've ran into one issue already with per tick being altered by (I believe) refresh rates--I had a wall that would move a certain distance per tick, and players of my game that had high refresh rates complained about the wall moving impossibly fast. I switched the wall to a normal bullet behavior; lo and behold, no complaints. I don't have a high refresh rate personally, so I can't verify if this was the problem or not--I just know "move X per tick" was moving much faster for some people than it was for others, and since switching it to a bullet behavior, that has changed. The person who pointed it out to me had, themselves, a high refresh rate, and believed that to be the case; if it's something else, I'm open to possibilities.

    I'm now running into a situation where my game runs physically slower for some people than others, and events that are tied to ticks specifically run at a vastly different rate.

    Compare the gameplay in this video:

    to the gameplay in this video:

    the first is notably slower in everything from the platformer movements on down, the second is closer to how the game runs for me. More specifically, the transition I set up between levels (about 1:26 in the first video, about 2:03 for the same transition in the second video) takes forever for one person but runs at an expected speed for the second.

    Is there any way to equalize / normalize this? Is there something I'm doing wrong in my settings to cause this? It's resulted in drastically different experiences for different players (as one can see by the frustration of the first player).

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  • See the tutorial delta-time and framerate independence. If you make a framerate-independent game by correctly using delta-time, it will run at the same speed regardless of the display refresh rate.

  • Alright, that gives me a solution to the scene transition issue--but my player character is using the bog standard Platformer behavior, and is still moving a lot slower for some people than others. According to that article on dt, it shouldn't be impacted by refresh rate the way "per tick" events are.

    Any idea what could be causing regular behaviors to run slower...?

  • The built-in behaviors are framerate independent, unless you use framerate-dependent events to modify them. I can only say that as far as I know they work fine, unless you provide a minimal project clearly demonstrating an issue.

  • THey will run slower with a low framerate because construct by default won'T let deltatime go below 30 FPS, you need to add this line on start of layout

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