Multiple seperate "Or" conditions cause anomalous Instancing

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  • Problem Description

    When multiple Or conditions exist, on the same Event sheet and for the same item, but not nested or as subevents as one another, selecting one item can result in multiple items being selected.

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    Illustrates how "Or" blocks interacts with other "or" blocks, in the form of 2 identical sprite objects and one Tiled Background.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Step 1: Load .capx into browser/preview.

    Step 2: Click sprite objects to left of central divider, observing the rotation of each instance.

    Step 3: Click sprite objects to right of central divider, observing the rotation of each instance.

    Step 4: Click all tiled backgrounds objects. Observe flash pattern of each background object.

    Step 5: Press Enter. Click small tiled background object to right of divider. Observe flash pattern of background objects.

    Step 6: Reload/refresh page. Click larger tile background object to right of divider. Observe flash pattern of all background objects.

    Step 7: Click each background tile to the left of divider. Observe flash pattern.

    Step 8: Reload/refresh page. Click a background tile. Press Enter. Observe Flash Pattern.

    Step 9: Click all background tiles. Observe Flash Pattern.

    Observed Result

    Sprites to the left of the divider rotate independently when clicked. Brick and Screw do not rotate.

    Sprites to the right of the divider rotate when clicked, excepting Brick and Screw. However, whenever any sprite is clicked, cheese and camera also rotate. If Cheese or Camera is clicked, the clicked instance rotates 180 degrees.

    The medium tiled background object on the left does not blink when clicked. Some of the tiled background objects flash together once enter is pressed, but the second background clicked after does not cause multiple flashing. After Enter is hit a second time, or once after the first background tile was clicked, multiple flashing occurs.

    Expected Result

    In all cases, only the instance being clicked on should be affected: It is being picked by being clicked on. However, within a subevent with multiple "or" conditions, multiple instances of the object are getting picked.

    This does not happen for the sprites on the left of the divider because there is only 'Or' block utilizing that set of sprites.

    The second Background Objects 'Or' block illustrates that both 'Or' blocks have to be being evaluated for the anomalous behavior to appear, although there's some behavior that I can't quite describe.

    Sequences that cause weird Instancing to happen on each subsequent click:

    Click, Enter, Click;

    Enter Click Enter;

    Sequences where it only appears on the first click:

    Enter, Click, Click;

    Enter, Enter, Click;

    Click, Click, Click.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)
    • FireFox: (YES)
    • Opera: (YES)
    • Internet Explorer: (could not get IE to run)
    • Android Browser (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 x64 bit, no Service Pack.

    Android Browser tested on is Version 4.1.2-I547UCCNJ1 (Android Jellybean,) on a Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (SGH-I547)

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Construct 2 r195

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