Construct 2 Crashes in r279

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  • Not quite sure how to report this, but I wanted to say that I think I am still having the issue stated originally in the now closed thread:

    I don't have a consistent way to reproduce this yet, but it seems at random when I paste an event C2 will crash as it did when the bug was prominent in previous versions. While it happens MUCH less than in the old version, I wanted to report that it is still happening for me.

    I expected to paste the events normally, but what happened was that Construct 2 crashed. There does not seem to be any common denominator between the events pasted and it happens across all projects.

    Can't really attack a single CAPX since it happens across all projects. Thanks.

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  • CS2 doesn't crash when I undo with ctrl+z, but it will ALWAYS crash if I press the alt key twice. All too often I'll hit preview, alt tab to the browser page, then alt tab back only to discover the program has closed. It also crashes if I click off of an animation without naming it, and will sometimes crash if I double click in-between items in the event editor. This is really frustrating, as this program crashes more often than it used to. I hope the devs will fix it instead of just dropping support for CS2 entirely.

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