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  • I am creating mobile application for mute and deaf for grade 1 to 3. And my idea is to create quiz game that every stage is contain an 1 image and 3 text .The students will identify the given image then they have three choices .my questions is can i array an image ?


  • If I understand the vague question, then my answer is; you can create an array of UID's and when you loop the array use Select object by UID... but this seems OTT there are other methods, like spawning the object, cloning, using seperate sprites etc...

  • can i array an image ?

    use just one sprite(image) with many you need


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  • Thank you sir Korbaach's. Can i ask another template example of image quiz game ..It is looks like this image


  • Flags.capx

    (Stable Release (r212.2))

  • Thank you sir.. I have a problem on creating my math quiz game with 5 different levels .The questions are set to random ,Then the questions sometimes are repeating. can i ask for a sample of math quiz game ?

  • DinoMiranda

    1) 5 different levels, 1 array for each level of difficulty.

    2) Have a menu screen that would have the player choose the level of difficulty.

    3) When they click the button, it changes a global value.

    4) The global value then opens the desired array.

    With what's given, this is my guess--

    Thank you for posting this, you have helped me in so many ways on a project. "can i ask for a sample of math quiz game ?" That is a pretty big ask because that would pretty much develop the game for you. Can you take a screen shot or show the Capx file where you are stuck, or better define the problem that needs to be fixed.

    korbaach and Kyatric This is a solution to something I have been working on related to a dialogue I've been programming.

  • korbaach can you tell where you add the question

  • hothead can you be more precise..on which example exactly do you mean? Flags?

  • korbaach thanks i figure out how you do already... thank again

    in final1.1 just wish i could figure out which line to take out to not use the last row in the question array which tell the amount of correct answer in a question BUT about 10 line of code in it i stop from firing...

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