How do I Publish to Windows 8, 8.1 with clayio

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  • Hi, I exported with option win 8.1, and followed every step of the tutorial , no problems, but after pressing F5 to test it, the game works but none of the adverts, leaderboards or anthing to do with work, although they are displayed (but the ad is just a little white strip not even the size it should be..., not like when run on construct2, where leaderboards work and ads show a black strip with cannot show ad, local host this because they don't work until it's published or should it be working now.

    I have noticed a couple of errors, one in the index....

    Referenced file '\\Microsoft.WinJS.2.0\js\base.js' not found.

    And after running one comes up mentioning iframes and the dimensions of my ad, so it's referring to a problem with that I think..Unless all this is normal in running with F5 mode as it's not online yet?

    Had a nightmare with crosswalk android as well and gave up, only ever got a black screen, so come closer with this one!! to try this!! It seems making the game is the easy part getting it published anywhere is impossible!!

    Any help on getting this to work would be much appreciated. I have actually done it 5 times from scratch with a brand new folder each time to make sure nothing was missed so can't see anything I've done wrong.

    Also, when I try and build it after testing, following the instructions from the tutorial, it says buils successful but there are no appax file in the bin/Release folder, so cannot even ive them the file!! What a nightmare.

    Cheers, Pete K

  • i'm not sure about the stuff.. but i'm interested in something like this. will it work in ios, android and wp8? I'll have to look into this solution as well and see if I experience the same problem, this isn't why i replied though..

    something you mentioned about crosswalk and seeing a black screen. I was having the same problem, but then i saw that there was a recent update that i didn't install. So there was a (i think) relatively recent big update.. once i installed it a big difference for me was that there was a new folder called www in a new project..

    with this new update, i found i no longer had apps appear as a black screen. granted i did have trouble with music tracks starting at the beginning and the use of litetween with another event caused some choking but overall the conversions were very good. So you might want to give it another look.

    I think the reality is that crosswalk is getting better, but is not really ready for ALL games made with HTML5. The simpler the game the more likely it's going to be a good fit for Crosswalk, but I do think in time its going to get better.

    regarding the xap output that is odd.. this is the way i have things set to get a xap file in my release folder.. bear i mind i'm not saying this is the only way to get it.. just that this works..

    • set device to device (not emulation)
    • set to release (not debug)
    • any cpu

    it appears under /bin/release/

    also a little thing i learned on top of this.. if you want to launch it without debug stuff going on, you can right click on the project name (over on the right under solution) and click "Deploy" which will push a version of the app over without opening it.. you'll see it appears as an actual app in your list of apps and running that from the phone will give you a debug free version running.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply, I only tried crosswalk last week!! I have done the root as you say but still I can't find an appx file in the bin/release folder.. the game works on pressing F5 and says it's built successfully.. Baffled.. Please see the attached screenshots.

    Cheers, Pete K

  • It should be there.. do you have an actual phone to test with or are you using the emulator?

    do you do anything to the settings at all when you open the .sln file? i don't.. i'm wondering with all your package.appxmanifest stuff you might have changed something?

    I change absolutely nothing.. i open.. and build..

  • Most of the ad networks will not serve ads in an app till it is published, this stops people from artificially displaying a lot of ads and getting money for apps that are not actually displaying ads to the public.

  • You may also want to check the "My Documents/Visual Studio" directory as sometimes it drops them there instead.

  • Cheers for your help guys, I only changed/added what you are supposed to to integrate clayio features following the tutorial on here... Had a look at My Documents/Visual Studio and it's not there either. So stuck now, I've tried from scratch again and t's never there!! Lol only me!!

  • Another weird thing, if you look at this attachment of the windows 8 export folder, there is no file with the extension sln as it says in the instructions on the tutorial. I open it from JS Java script app project icon, as I did with crosswalk.. It seems to open it the same...However may be this is the reason...But then why don't I have the file with the extension sln in my export folder like everyone else!!

  • Also, my PC is a windows 8, so don't know if that affects anything!

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  • i think you need to have windows 8.1 to use 2013.. you might want to consider upgrading as well.. there is little reason (that I know of) to stay on windows 8. It's a free upgrade.

    Also you might want to back up and just publish as is before making any changes just to see if you do in fact get a the build file and that would help isolate where the problem is.

  • Hi, mine is on Windows 8.1, they offered the upgrade free a few months ago.

    I f you publish as is, it doesn't work at all, the game won't run without making the clayio integration changes.. Thanks, for your help though.

    Cheers, Pete K

  • pringrod Hey so I'm really liking Clay.IO more and more from my experience so far, but i'm a bit behind you on some of this.. I will be wanting to do the same thing you are, but i'm working through another question that maybe you can help me with

    I'm trying to understand how to handle when popups (specific case, the X button in the share fb post). It seems fine if the player clicks "share". that's no problem. but what happens when someone clicks the X on a popup? It seems to go away and I don't see how you can capture that event.

    The sooner I can wrap my head around the Clay.IO basics the sooner I'll be in your boat publishing to windows 8..

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