Performance Issues ( Android Crosswalk Galaxy S2 /S3

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  • Hey all

    To mention first, is is my first relativly complete game i made with construct, the basics are done, so i exportet it to android (crosswalk)

    while trying it i experienced several performance issues. my question would be is this a general crosswalk issue or have i done a very bad programming so it lags.

    the main problems are:

    • It doesnt run smoothly on s2 / s3
    • the touche input has a big lag which makes playing on mobile devices a pain
    • my attempts to programm a double jup failed because it seems to be random when he accepts the command and when not.

    you can try the game here: bytecrunch [.] org/flow/

    and here is the action shart:



    i am thankfull for every hint how to do it better or what possibly can cause those issues.

    all sprites are 32x32 / 64x64 / 128x128 or 512 x 512

    thank you in advance


    edit: attempt for double jump:


  • Unfortunately S3 is old and S2 even older. I have S3 and noticed that a bit more complex games will never get more than ~35-45 fps (gameplay is very choppy after exporting with crosswalk and unplayable with fast paced games), and there's not much you can do about that :/.

  • that was not the answer that i was looking for haha

    s2, s3 might be old but they have a quite fast processor, it shouldnt be a problem to handle such a game?! i mean there happens litterally nothing and i have played more complex games on my mda II back in 2004 O_o

    if this really is the case that i dindnt do something wrong than it might just be impossible to develop for android with construct2, at least for now... i dont know many people who have a better device than an s3 and as i am planning on making complex games this will just dont work. even my simple drag and drop game works kind of slowish...

  • I've made quite few games that run perfectly fine on my S3, but all of them are more visual than gameplay wise (a lot of big images, animations etc, but not much objects are actually moving on screen - except the ones I drag and drop with touch) - and these games works fine on my S3, 60fps all the time.

    But also I've made few opposites, not many graphic assets, but objects are constantly moving at different speeds - and on this games I get ~35-45 fps,

    In one of them there are only 25 objects smaller than 128x128 moving with bullet behavior on the screen one TB for background and player that can move left or right. And this one lags player controls so awfully I can't even debug this game on my phone :/

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  • Thanks for your advice shinkan, ive managed to get the fps to 55+ stable on my s2!

    here is what i did:

    • update text every 0.1 seconds rather that 0.01 seconds
    • removed pulse effekt from text
    • set background clear to "no"

    runs pretty well now and controlls are responsive! i can work with this!

    sometimes a few smal changes can have an impact!


  • That's great result!

    Try to not use text objects on mobiles at all, it's better to use spritefonts for any kind of text informations you want to display.

  • yep, i will read a tutorial about this

  • I'm using a Samsung Galaxy X II for my testing and it runs slowly. However, on the Nexus 4 it runs well. So, I think the samsung galaxy is not the best cellphone for C2 games, sadly!

  • I think the S2 and S3 are subject to GPU blacklisting. Check in Chrome by visiting chrome://gpu.

  • It says WebGL: unavailable

    does this affect the performance if i dont use any WebGL effects? also does this apply for crosswalk?

  • Crosswalk is basically Chrome running your project as a native app, so consider it identical to Chrome. WebGL is a lot faster than canvas2d so yes, if it's not supported it will impact performance. It will also severely impact performance if canvas2d is not hardware accelerated.

  • I think the S2 and S3 are subject to GPU blacklisting. Check in Chrome by visiting chrome://gpu.

    They are, at least that's what everyone is saying, but my S3 always did and still do hardware acceleration on everything. I never hack/change or even play with any settings of my phone or chrome for android responsible for that stuff.

    And all "Graphic Feature Status" on chrome://gpu list are green any "Hardware accelerated"

  • , thanks for the clarification. canvas seems to be fine, but webgl is just "impossible" to activate on my s2 in chrome. its kind of frustrating that my really small game has such a poor performance...

    for reference: (the game to test)

    bytecrunch . org/flow

    does it mean that if webgl is not available for crome its also not available for crosswalk? any work arrounds? or a way to test it and be sure? i really want to focus on developing the games, but if they dont run smooth its just not fun to play them at the end...

    its hard to find information on this...

    shinkan thats good to hear, but is there any way to ensure that it is enabled on all your customers phones? i mean you have to develop for the wekest phone you want to target... for me this is the galaxy s2... if my games dont run smoothly on them its just pointless... and i hate this dilemma as i just love construct2!


  • i give it up for today... those framelags just seem to be to random... all runs smothly on 6ß fps and then suddenly the whole frame lags... drop to 35... a few seconds later everything is fine again

  • It just means that you do not have a device that will run the game properly. However, people with other devices might be able to run it, no problem (as long as they work with WebGL). In any case, I have managed to have my game in a playable state even in my Galaxy II. Wondering why this is happening to you. Maybe you're calling too many events at the same time?

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