Performance Issues ( Android Crosswalk Galaxy S2 /S3

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  • alvarop there is not much going on... you can download the capx from my dev server here: http://bytecrunch. org/dl/

    if i remove all objects from the layout exept the background and the butttom it runns smothly and drops to 55 fps from time to time... but still those drops are kind of strange... such few objects shouldnt have such an impact... i will get a new phon ein a few weeks, hopefully i find something that is not bigger than my s2 haha <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

  • You can force WebGL enabled in Chrome to compare how it runs with WebGL support. It's described in Performance Tips.

  • I'm having big trouble with my game on the S3. It's not registering touches at random, I have to double tap to do everything, and it's running very slow. Is it worth just adding it to the list of excluded devices? The problem is it's still such a popular phone.

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  • AlexFrancois i had the same problem, when frames dropping to low everthing gets pretty unresponsive... i chose a completelly different game layout and for now i am fine... hopefully they will fix the webgl issues... i havent tryed ashleys tip yet but will do so shortlydid you try it?

  • I don't have an s2/s3 to test on at the moment. One of my users with an s4 is experiencing crashes after the splash screen, while another s4 user is having to double tap for the phone to register a touch, bit of a nightmare.

  • Ive enabled it and now it runs in the browser preview like i exported it with crosswalk, which is a nice to have but doesnt solfe the skittering issues... but i am fine with that. whats more important right now is that when i export the app with crosswalk the music aleways gets played at maximum volume! (like i mentioned in my other thread)

    i have a workarround for the lags at game start: i moved all the object to the menu layout and destroy them on start. now the game itself stats with less lags!

    regards joschi

  • Hey Ashley, do you have any idea as to why an S3 would only be registering touches if the screen is double tapped, or is this a crosswalk problem?

  • AlexFrancois

    I have S3 and never had any problem like that with crosswalk. My S3 always properly register touches, taps, double taps... ect.

  • AlexFrancois

    I have S3 and never had any problem like that with crosswalk. My S3 always properly register touches, taps, double taps... ect.

    It may be that it's a certain model of S3 as I've tested on another S3 which runs the game fine.

  • I have tested many Construct 2 games on S2, S3, S Advance. But If you managed your code well then you can improve the performances. As my experiences with above phones, I got averagely 35-50 frame rate without lag with following implement:

    Export method : Intel XDK

    If game has Physics better to use Coconjs native

    Reduce the number of clone of objects that available in every frame. (try to limit maximum 10)

    Reduce the number of physics objects

    reduce the number of conditions checking in every tick

    use "dt*60" values in everywhere ,

    Destroy objects after use.

    set clear background property to no,

  • tharindutpd thanks for the tips, but the problem is related to the topic discussed in this thread:


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