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  • Hi all,

    I think I am the newest user of Construct 2, which means I will be asking a TON of questions this month.

    So I am creating a game for my master thesis, I need to implement some cool stuff such as nice camera movements and graphics. So my question today is this cool camera slide to the right/left on a layout before the player stars the game.

    Link to a demo

    Any help how to do this in C2 will be very appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,


  • That's a nice effect and it can in fact be made several ways. There's some plugins to deal with parallax, and you can also hide an object and use a script to follow it around Zone based camera i think its called or do similar to the one spoken in this thread here or simply do your whole animation in spriter and "play it back". Theres many ways to make things happen.

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  • Hey Ragevortex, Yeah I understand, but then I want to simply smoothly stop the camera at the "player" - from where the player would start his "adventure" gameplay, so basically a continuation of this camera movement into game start.

  • a combination of the moveto behavior and something like a hidden object (i use that trick a lot for menus and such) and smooth it out by managing time and speed... lemme check if i can whip up a quick demo...

    **russtles **

    Here you go... hope thisone helps.

    Basically i use the hidden object to move as if a camera and scroll to it every tic.

    Also im using the moveto plugin because I like it... you could do that w/o plugins too.

  • Ragevortex, Thank you very much for trying, I cannot find plugin to download! Any help in that?

  • In the link to the moveto behaviour i posted before it points to the developpers forum thread. Go to the first tab it should be right there in the first post. Also note its a behavior it goes in the behavior folder in construct 2 not in the plugins folder

  • Also rex usually points you to his site he has a great application that lets you choose and install / update his plugins.

  • Hey man, you rock! I had to install circle menu plugin as well, it works pretty smooth!

    Thank you again bro

  • ibrahimtolaj glad it worked for you. Also if you play around with the paralax layers you can give it a nice multi layered look like the one in the gif you used as refference.

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