How do I keep music playing from one layout to another?

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  • Finally at the music portion of my game, woohoo!

    So this has to do with the menu part of my game. Since my music starts at the start screen and the play presses buttons to lead to another layout but it's still in Menu mode and the same music should be playing. The problem is that when I go to another layout, the music restarts. How do I keep the music keep going into the next layout? The music doesn't always start at the beginning of the start screen either, the player can press the game selection options button, which is part of the Menu interface and the Menu music should start playing then and continue if the player were to press back and go to different Menu layouts.

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  • Hi,

    make a check if the music is aleredy playing, if not, play.


    the music should then continue playing till end / restart. you can do this "on start of layout"

    kind regards

  • Hey there, could you please provide a CAPX? I know it says what to do right there, but I'm still confused....

  • Hi, that should make it clearer

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