How do I fix the level changing according to score ?

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  • Hi,

    Iam working on a game like space shooter.In this i want to increase the levels as the score increases gradually.for every increase of level the layout should change .

    i wrote the steps in the event sheet i.e I took global variables for both level=1 and score=0

    for eg: when score=500 --->set level to 2,

    go to layout 2

    when score=1000 ---->set level to 3,

    go to layout 3

    individually in every eventsheet by using a move plugin and also i tried by writing all the levels in single event sheet by including it in every sheet but both are not working

    but when iam debugging my game it is not working properly if i run my game suppose 10 times only once it is working but 90% the events are not global variable "level" is not setting the values by increasing the score.

    so please can any one help me how to fix this,how should i write the code so that it shouldn't overwrite by writing the events for other functionality.

    Thanks in Advance

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  • You should compare score >= a number instead set it == a number, because sometimes your score will be bigger than your number and that condition can't be reached.

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