fade in and camera in sidescrolling a flying game

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  • Sorry for being a total noob and if this is asking too much, but these are the core elements of my project

    and the rest I have mostly figured out since it's simpler, but I need to get this right in the beginning.

    Am I doing this right? I made the parallax scrolling elements a tiled background and stretched them because I wanted to place other sprites(like the islands and clouds in the project, but also some which could be obstacles) by hand, I have no idea how I would do that if the background elements were actually looping to achieve the same layout. Since the plane needs to cover a lot of ground in the levels, will this cause too much bloat for the resources?

    I need concrete help for 2 things if anyone is able to chime in.

    1.I made the camera as an object with same horizontal behavior as the player to achieve the desired look, but after making part of the water a solid object so that the player can land the friction that slows the plane when landing leaves the camera object out of whack. What would be the best way to create the camera so that it looks like it does now, but doesn't get desynchronized? Also after creating this kind of camera and the ground the plane seems to exhibit some jerky movements when accelerating and/or moving(I did them simultaneously before trying out so I'm not sure which is more likely to hold the source of the problem, sorry).

    2.I programmed the animated water tiled background which appears in the beginning to fade out at the press of the same button as when the player starts moving, and made it so that it gets destroyed instead of looping fade in fade out. I have no idea how to make it appear again in a fade in AT THE PLAYER'S LOCATION, under the condition that players speed reaches below a certain point(and exhibit same fade out behavior like at the beginning).

    Any help no matter how small would be greatly appreciated! Here's the link just remove the "*" https://drive.go*ogle.com/file/d/1XJfXSq4hOeVYT89VySmzbHcaaai1KVjt/view?usp=sharing

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