My character can't get off the boat, and idle animation not playing.

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  • This is just a simple game. My stickman get onto the boat, pass a river, get off at the other side, take the diamond, end. But once my stickman get onto the boat, he can't get off. I want him to be able to get off the boat at both sides. I've tried using on collision, overlapping, has line of sight, none of them seems to work. Also, it seems like my stickman animation can't get back from walking animation to idle animation. I tried to learn from some tutorials and I'm sure I've done the steps just like what it supposed to so I don't understand what's wrong.Here's my .capx file.

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  • You can use invisible sprite at either side, and then swap between player in and out of boat, maybe with a variable on the boat. If boat is overlapping sprite, press E, swap between variables. One value means he gets in the boat and one means he gets out. You could set the position for the player when alighting with a variable on the sprite you are overlapping.

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