How i build a "who wants to be a millionaire" style game?

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  • hi.I am new on construct2 and i didnt build any game before.i want build a "who wants to be a millionaire" style quiz game.Can you give me informations about how i gonna do that? ( i know , my english is so bad ) thank you .

  • As you're new to Construct 2 I'd go for simple steps. Something like this:

    1) Start by building a true/false quiz with 3 fixed questions to get familiar with the tools at your disposal.

    2) Learn about arrays and get those 3 question/answer pairs put into a simple array.

    3) Get the array to randomly select just 2 of those questions for a quiz.

    4) Expand the array from 2 (true/false) to 4 (A/B/C/D) options.

    5) Build a "difficulty" factor into the array so that you have a very small selection of questions at each of say 3 levels.

    6) With the skills you will have developed by this point you should easily be able to increase the number of levels and expand the data in your question bank to upgrade to a fully functioning Millionaire game.

  • thank you.i will do it

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  • Let us know how you get on furkan1905067 and if you have any difficulties along the way.

  • There's a FAQ posting (here: ), which is often a good starting point. Somewhere in the first section they have a thread about a quiz type game. Sometimes the info is a bit outdated, but I always found it a good source to check first.

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