How do I make a beat'em up perspective?

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  • You know those beat'em ups like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, King of Dragons, and etc.

    They have a certain perspective to them that looks kinda slanted. I want to know how to make that look in order to make a beat'em up.

    Here is Ottomic's demo of a beat'em up in Construct 2. I can't pm him yet because of my reputation isn't high enough but I want to make a beat'em up perspective close to that.


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  • The movement is done via the 8-direction behaviour.

    The perspective is simply, well - graphical perspective, there's no real trick, just draw your lines at angle; 35 seems a safe bet.

  • Thanks for the fast reply!

    I tried changing every angle but can't find exactly what you are talking about.

    How exactly do I draw the lines to an angle?

  • Sorry for taking so long to reply!

    You would simply use a graphics program like Photoshop. Reading up on vanishing point graphic design techniques couldn't hurt your art assets either (Y)

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