Q3D V-2.4 [3D Physics + Skeletal Animation UPDATE]

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  • This plugin looks very interesting. Would a game like the old megadrive classic 'super skidmarks' be possible? I'm looking to try a 3d off road game with collisions.

  • Mayfly

    the graphics themselves would be easy, but making the physics work would require you to program some kind of height-map physics interaction, which may be difficult for some but is entirely possible with the tools the plugins give you

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  • QuaziGNRLnose

    i have a few questions...

    can i make top-down tower def. or RTS game?

    ...will eg. pathfinding work, grid or hex type?

    ...can i make 3D terrain or it must be flat 2D?


    can you perhaps make a template?

  • irina

    If you want to make a game with 3D graphics and 2D gameplay, i recommend you use invisible sprites to do the gameplay if you want to use 2D built-in construct behaviours, and then pair 3D graphics to those sprites by use of Q3DModels/Q3DSprites and containers.

    If you want 3D terrain, you'll need to devise a way to do it, probably best done using a heightmap so you could find the 3D position of an object from its 2D coordinates if its on the ground. There are lots of tutorials on the web on how to make and use heightmaps in a game using standard data structures like arrays. Q3D handles the rendering and boilerplate for 3D work, but you still have to code gameplay on your own, and the internet is full of resources on how to do this which are independent of engine.

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    so, i can have 3D models on 2D grid or hex tiles like this:

    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/148996943/top3 ... ed%29.capx

    i am thinking... can i use then pathfinding and other C2 behaviours normaly, since you said that its not recomended to have Q3D layer in betveen C2 layers?

    whats your recomendation for lets say, RTS type of game?


  • irina

    Theres no issue having the Q3D layer between C2 layers, the only thing is you'll need to use "inside mode" which is slower on weak hardware. But in your case It shouldn't matter, you can have Q3D above everything and use behaviours anyway since they can operate with all the sprites/layer invisible/under Q3D. Instead of making the grid 2D in construct i'd just make it a textured model in Q3D, and fix the camera in orthographic mode.

  • 3D Physics plugin is done, should be released in a day or two

    I'll be devoting my time to skeletal animation next!

  • QuaziGNRLnose

    Instead of making the grid 2D in construct i'd just make it a textured model in Q3D, and fix the camera in orthographic mode.

    ok, but if i make textured model in Q3D, will pathfinding work?

  • irina

    It'll depend what you do / want. Why don't you just try it to see? I can tell you its possible to do what you want, but you'll need to try playing around to understand what might go wrong / the steps you need to take.

    In anycase if you can make it in construct, you can always just add models over the 2D stuff and then hide the layer with the 2D stuff.

  • QuaziGNRLnose, how can i set material at object without an id? because if i create object with single plugin, then i wont get id

  • and you can make touching/touch triggers with 3D models?

  • Question: Does this suport seeing the models /inside/ the editor? Like for example, if i were to make a 3d terrain object as a slope in a 2d plain; would i just see the box, or the full object? Or a simpler version of the object?

  • Not sure what you mean by "without an ID". Do you have the latest version of the plugin ? There are many actions for setting material properties over the whole object, you only need an ID if you're using model materials.

    About the touch triggers, what exactly do you mean? touch as in clicking on a model ? You can do this with the Q3D Viewport object, look at the examples.


    Sadly the construct 2 SDK doesn't allow for me to make this plugin display the actual model in the editor, however you see a simple orthographic view of the XY plane with a proxy of the 3D object (box/sphere/AABB) that somewhat represents it, and is properly transformed by the rotations. When you run the project in the default view settings you can see a similar result as what's in the editor. It's as good as i can do with Construct 2, but hopefully when Construct 3 comes out i'll be able to render stuff in the editor and have a fly-around camera.

    I put the editor and the corresponding project running (without any events or anything to move the camera from its initial settings) side by side in the following screenshot so you can see what you do / don't see.

    If i was using a model, i could change the shaded boxes to be wire-frame, and i'd see only the wire-frame box/sphere in the editor, but then the model and wire-frame object at runtime. The colored objects are a point light (green diamond) and spotlight (red cylinder with pointer)

  • Speaking of Construct 2.. any talk with Ashley to see if Construct 3 could allow this? Maybe there is something in the C3 SDK that would allow greater access? Seeing that the new editor is just getting started it would be a great time to mention something to them to see if they could take this plugins need into account before too much in C3 is set in stone.

  • I understood that i cant see the full model; but im not quite sure i understood the rest. If i were to make a slope for a 2.5d platformer; would i get a 2d image of the slope, or a box? None of the examples in the folder exacly confirm or deny this.

    also, asuming the plugin gets a cersion to C3, will people who purchased it for C2 get it as well?

    thanks in advance.

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