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  • SamRock just updated my previous post. making some progress but actually a little bit dissapointed with all this

    One of my other friend here told me that PhoneGap plugins have issues with new Crosswalk and might need upgraded to Cordova to be compatible with CW15.

    Have you tried building with the push plugin? May be something else is the issue.

    I had same problem.. it never told me what the issue was. I finally found the Google Anlytics plugin was the culprit

  • condolent try manually removing it form the additions.xml this worked for me with the push plugin but still can't make it work properlly )))

    SamRock i still can't win here ))) the push i'm using is cordova plugin, not phonegap.

    all i've changed in the cranberrys example capx is keys taken from parse.

  • GSE Yeah, I noticed that if you have a plugin from cranberry in C2 and export it to intel XDK and implement the cordova plugin fitting, you don't need any code for the C2 plugins in additions.xml! For the push; you don't even need the C2 plugin, you only need the cordova plugin from cranberry and insert the script into your index.html file. Here's my script:

    var applicationId = "YOUR_PARSE_APPLICATIONID";
    var clientKey = "YOUR_PARSE_CLIENTKEY";
    document.addEventListener("deviceready", function(){
    	window.parsepushnotification.setUp(applicationId, clientKey);
    	//registerAsPushNotificationClient callback (called after setUp)
    	window.parsepushnotification.onRegisterAsPushNotificationClientSucceeded = function() {
    	window.parsepushnotification.onRegisterAsPushNotificationClientFailed = function() {
    		alert('Push notification registration failed.');
    }, false);
    [b]Make sure you insert that code into your index.html file and replace [i]YOUR_PARSE_APPLICATIONID[/i] and [i]YOUR_PARSE_CLIENTKEY[/i] with your own keys. Make sure it's inside the <body> tags![/b]
    Hope this everyone with installation issues with the parse plugin 
    If the build fails; make sure there's no other plugin interfering with the parse one!
  • condolent your solution works... almost )))) removed plugin from c2, added your script with my keys in it, and....

    i've come back to what i've had - builds made with cli 4.1.2 (tried all crosswalk versoins) fail to start and builds with 5.1.1 run but crash when i tap recived push or when app is not active.

    if you have it running properly could you give me some more detailed info? guess i'm just missing something

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  • GSE just realized that by putting the code in the index file, it will try to register the device each time it launches. Which is baaad, gave me alot of crash reports. Still in the process of finding a better solution, will come back to you when I do! If you got any ideas, I'll gladly read them!

  • Are you still supporting the plugin that allows the mobile phone to remain awake indefinitely while the app is running?

  • cranberrygame

    Hi, I tried to use Cranberry's plugins such as the Cordova Unity Ads, Cordova Vungle and Cordova Chartboost with Ludei Cordova Cloud. Every time Ludei Cordova Cloud goes to error. It's possible use Cranberry's video plugins with Ludei Cordova? Can you test for example Cordova Unity Ads + Ludei Cordova Cloud? Can you get it to work?

  • irina

    no google places plugin

    but have inappbrowser plugin.



    No error cordova-plugin-game xdk build


    I am active still.

    But can slow in plugin dev because I need to make games too.


    I tested xdk build.

    But no build error.

    Check this again: https://plus.google.com/102658703990850 ... S5jjEApJYV


    All plugins work with xdk cordova 5.1.1 now.

    And you say Google Anlytics plugin make error?

    If so, you can request paid update.




    Some one requested push plugin update.

    So wait some time for fixing crashing bug.


    Yes, still support cordova plugins.

    And you can use cranberrygame_CordovaPowerManagement_1.0.5 plugin to make your app remain awake.


    do like following:

    https://github.com/cranberrygame/cordov ... ads#cocoon

    https://github.com/cranberrygame/cordov ... gle#cocoon

    https://github.com/cranberrygame/cordov ... chartboost

  • something i dont understand, his website is down, his google play store is down, and WE have TO pay FOR EVERY PLUGIN???

    here i see http://cranberrygame.github.io/?referrer=c2forum



    IF you click HERE


    its 10$ MORE FOR THE UPDATES???

    wtf.... pay for a plugin AND THEN PAY for UPDATES???

    Please can someone EXPLAIN this, because i don't get it, its the first time i see something like this...........

  • imothep85

    You buy all plugins by 5$.

    And if need new feature in the plugin, you can request paid update.


    Sang Ki Kwon

  • ah so plugins cost only 5$ and if we want new features it cost10$?

  • How to use cordova Facebook plugin?

    inside the plugin i added my facebook app ID and also the secret key.

    i want just to share my game score on facebook i can't find any tutorial about this plugin.

    when i try to build the app inside intel xdk i get this error message:

    Error: Plugin "https://github.com/cranberrygame/cordova-plugin-share-facebook --variable APP_ID='YOUR_FACEBOOK_APP_ID' --variable APP_NAME='YOUR_FACEBOOK_APP_NAME'" failed to install.

  • i changed that inside the differents xml files inside intel xdk, i added my app id, and my game app name, same as facebook of course, but i still get an error

    "Error: Plugin "https://github.com/cranberrygame/cordova-plugin-share-facebook --variable APP_ID='1515501922106379' --variable APP_NAME='Tooth Runner Saga'" failed to install.

  • can someone help with this issue, some tutorial please?

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