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    The V2

    ! important : Works only for the canvas , HTML elements are not handled

    Download the plugin from here : LayoutTransition

    Other HMMG Plugins : Plugins Directory

    Hey guys , sorry i was not availble last few months , Working and studying , now i am back to work on some new plugins for Construct 2 .

    So today i present to you , the seconde version of the Plugin LayoutTransition that i have already made .

    What's new

    • The feature in this plugin is that it's looks so much to a Native Transition .
    • The V1 just plays an Out-animation of the canvas it deasapear then it plays the In-animation , this version the canvas will be always displayed
    • Before you had to handel the start and the finish event to play the animation , now it's all done in the click event


    Preview V2.1 (Update)

    new 5 Animations

    How it works

    When you call the action "Prepare the layout transition" it will take a snapshot of the canvas which will take the place of the canvas and move the real canvas to another place to play the transition

    How to install

    Copy/Paste the Folder in the zip file to your plugin's directory

    Close and re-open Construct 2 if it's opened

    How to use it

    Please follow what i used in this pic

    Or like this to be sure that the Transition is ready to be played

    ************** Condition **************

    Is transition ready : Trigger when the Transition is Ready

    Did transition start : Trigger when the Transition starts

    Did transition finish : Trigger when the Transition finish

    ************** Action **************

    Prepare Transition : Prepare the Layout for the transition

    Start Transition : Start the Transition animation

    Animation List :

    Slide Up Push

    Slide Down Push

    Slide Right Push

    Slide Left Push

    Slide Up Overlay

    Slide Down Overlay

    Slide Right Overlay

    Slide Left Overlay

    Flip X

    Flip Y

    New animations V2.1


    Fade with delay





    Tested on :

    *Samsung galaxy S4 on Chrome as a webApp and Cordova as an App very smooth , but after you tap a button for the transition there will be a dealy of 100ms -> 400ms (it's cause by the snapshot function)

    * iphone 5 works like a charm

    *PC -Chrome/Firefox , works very good and very smooth

    If you like the PLUGIN , a little help is always welcome! Donate

  • Looks great. But I think you forgot to paste the link for V2 version of the plugin

  • sorry for that , i added it to the folder in dropbox

  • the last one make my game goes to a back screen when it transition just goes blank have to restart game...

    i export with intel xdk crosswalk... going to try this one and thanks again

  • drive DOT google DOT com/folderview?id=0B0MCCeWLbpwYTk5ERndjVzZ0MUk&usp=sharing

    here is your new update same thing happen in the first one that get the back screen...

    download and run the file in the above like put "." where "DOT" is in the above link

    in the browser just keep pressing the PINK and Yellow looking color lol Box rapid and repeatedly until you get the back screen take me about 12 - 30 fast click to get back screen...

    i think because the first layout 1 is still in transition when click layout 2 than both layout start transiton which goes black screen

    here is a video i upload

    youtube DOT com/watch?v=XHfLMvNWf5g&feature=youtu.be

  • hey , in that case , just use the event "is transition ready" to be sure it's ready for the transition like this

  • Really really nice.

  • You are welcome

  • This is great! Any chance for a Fade-out transition?

  • This looks really good.

    Could you give me more information about this ?:

    ! IMPORTANT: Works only for the canvas, HTML elements are not handled

    That means it only works with canvas ?.

    What are the HTML elements ?.

    Any examples?

    The demo link download appears broken.

  • HTML elements are the Form elements, which as the manual states:

    [quote:2523y1vb]Form controls are actual HTML elements floating above the game canvas in the HTML page. Therefore, nothing can be displayed on top of a form control, apart from other form controls.

    Form elements are Button, Slider Bar, Text, Text Box etc.

  • Ok I understand, thanks for the clarification.

  • , hey sorry , i was busy with a new Plugin , the problem is when i screenshot a HTML element (Not a canvas) it loose it's original looking , and it will not match what i want exactly , take a look at this picture , you will understand ,

  • And Fade-In/OUT transitions will be possible? Is what i'm looking now .

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  • matriax hey , i am at work now I will add it tonight to the plugin , if you want any other animation tell me and i will add it

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