[PLUGIN]NativeLike Transition - LayoutTransition 2.1 Updated

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  • Hi , how can I go to different layouts with this plugin? I mean, if there are many buttons (each one for a different layout), how would the event sheet look like?

    Because I can set a "Prepare Transition" action for each button clicked, but then, when "Is transition ready" triggers, it doesn't matter which button was clicked, as all buttons will prepare transition.

    I know I could do this with a wait action, but this makes my game look laggy. I could also set a variable to identify which button was clicked, but my game does already have too many variables and too long event sheets. Isn't there any better way? Thank you for your help!

  • ChesVCF the 2 solutions you gave are the answers :p , and you can create them in another eventsheet then load it to your current working eventsheet.

  • Love the transitions! Thanks for making this plugin

  • Hello.

    Just before the transition starts I have a black flash. (Which lasts about 1 image), on Firefox but not on Chrome.

    Do you have any idea of the problem?

    Thank you.

  • christ59 send me a screenshot or a video of the problem , i did not really understand the problem

  • Hello.

    I would need unusual reflexes to successfully make a screen capture of the problem;)

    The problem does not appear in Chrome but appears in Firefox and in Internet Explorer.

    When I click on the button that activates the transition, everything on the screen disappears for a very short time, then everything reappears and the transition begins.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi hmmg,

    really a fabulous plug, and in my game project runs smooth & fast. But I have a problem with fullscreen

    previewing the game on my PC...)

    In more detail: my project preview starts in a window, but after the first touch runs in fullscreen as it receives a "Request Fullscreen". However, by calling Layout Transition 2.1 in one of the following layouts, it comes back to window format ... Any advice? thx in advance!


    I have the same problem !

    There is also flashing just before the transition (with Firefox).

    This plug-in could have been excellent but as it is unusable for me.

    Hopefully an update, I thank the developer.

  • christ59 I am the developper of this plugin , Please record a Video screen to show me what's the problem exactly

  • This plugin is amazing, its simplicity is beyond belief!

    It works like a charm on preview Google Chrome, but it does not work on Cocoon DevApp (using Canvas+ engine), is that supported?

    I can see that you specified it will only works under Canvas, so it should work on Canvas+ too right ? (maybe I'm missing something there)

  • bvandenborght hey ,I don't think so , because Cocoon has it's own canvas :'(

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  • Oh thus Canvas+ stands for Cocoon proprietary's canvas ? Another thing I learned today

    Ok then I guess I'll have to make the transitions manually, I'm a bit afraid that Cocoon seems to act like a black box, making it complicated to implement third party plugins !

    Thanks for the info anyway

  • hi, is there anyone had found? we after several tests found that the original plugin on the phone will use the bug does not perform the operation.

  • Thank you, this is a super useful plugin

  • totoyan , i did not understand what you mean

    happy you find it useful

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