[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • thehen ah that would explain it. I'll try it now =^^;=

  • Good news, external URL works!

    Bad news: On occasion an Unhandled Exception gets thrown when trying to press the back button.

    Also any URLs starting with HTTPS do not open.

    Other than that, I got a working build and I've just submitted it. :)

  • To all users who upgraded from the old plugin to the new one, if you use the On app deactivated condition, be sure to remove it or your project will be broken.

  • thehen I'm wondering why you removed the on deactivated condition. How can I pause the game automatically when the user switch to something else? In many cases, the game is just deactivated, it has not reached the tombstone state

  • tipztv that's what the browser suspended condition should do. You can see an example of implementation in the provided capx.

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  • thehen Good to know that.

    I'm facing another issue where my game can only be loaded at first launch (when debugging with VS). The next time I launch the game, it shows a black screen. No matter how long I wait, it still shows the black screen. However, if I long-press the back button the see the app history, and choose the game from there, it loads immediately. Do you know what causes that issue?

  • tipztv if you pm me a build I'll take a look.

  • thehen okay, the VS studio project or the capx file? Skype or via message?

  • VS studio project would be great - message is fine. Cheers.

  • thehen PM sent :)

  • thehen The default game project (awesomechase22.zip), which is exported by Scirra seems to load fine everytime. The new project (project.zip, in the new PM), included the plugin seems to hang at the second load. The bug is really random though so I don't know what's going on.

  • Good news! My project is working like it should now.

    I'm still not sure what the problem is but I would recommend not to copy the c2runtime.js file, the images, and the media files to the template project and test the game with it. Even though I have edited all namespace, references.... to match my project, the bug still persist.

    So I decided to use the default project, exported by the engine, and copy over the necessary codes that I use (mainly in the MainPage.xaml.cs), and it is working! :)

  • Good news: My game was finally accepted for submission onto the Phone App Store!

    Bad news: Even though I've set the name of the game on the submission files, it only appears as the name of the solution, which is "WindowsPhonePluginForConstruct2". How do you change the name of the project?

  • gamepopper you may want to replace all the namespace and others that include WindowsPhonePluginForConstruct2, most of them are in the .cs files.

  • Nevermind, I found the manifest file. I'm surprised the Windows Submission Process didn't notice the app name.

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