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  • thehen I received this warning in Visual Studio:

    This async method lacks 'await' operators and will run synchronously. Consider using the 'await' operator to await non-blocking API calls, or 'await Task.Run(...)' to do CPU-bound work on a background thread.

    The highlighted method is Browser_ScriptNotify. I notice that inside the method, you check if (valueArr[0] == "gameLoaded") then set the browser.opacity to 1 to hide the splash screen. Maybe that leads to my previous issue of not being able to launch the game directly except by long-pressing the back button?

    The game seems to work fine if I remove the Grid.Background and remove the Opacity line inside Phone:WebBrowser

  • Plugin has been updated:

    • Fixed it sometimes getting stuck on splash screen
    • Added a solid splash screen background colour (it was using white or black depending on phone settings before)
  • Hi, need help, for exported in Windows Phone 8,Is there anyone who can help me?


  • ian200 yep, I can. What seems to be the problem?

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  • Hello


    Windows 8.1 will bring user-selectable wallpaper and also live background (like Android?s Live Wallpapers) to Windows 8

    and my question is..

    will this be possible with construct 2/html5 ? (too early for questions? maybe ;))

  • thehen Question about vibration.

    I have a vibration pattern for browser as "100,50,100" (100 milliseconds on, 50 milliseconds pause then 100 milliseconds back on.)

    Does the winphone plugin support the pattern and pause parameters?


    ok, followed instructions and I have it working :D Haven't tried the vibration pauses yet.

    My project uses portrait mode. When I test in device it's landscape. How do I set the orientation fixed to portrait? I changed the values of 800 x 480 to 480 x 800 in the index.html but it didn't work.

  • Thanks for the plugin it help me pass the certification due to the back button best practices of WP8.

  • stefanos Ashley is probably a good person to ask regarding Windows 8 functionality.

    bon4ire the vibration just works for a single duration, though you could use the 'wait' action to do a sequence.

    andresteves cool!

    Just a heads up to everyone, some of my async C# is causing crashes when using the action 'request store listing' with a poor internet connection. I'm working on a fix at the moment, but I'd recommend not submitting a game with IAP until this is resolved.

  • thehen Is there a portrait version of the template available? I tried swapping the 800 by 480 values around in the index.html but it didn't work.

  • bon4ire change the orientation from landscape to portrait in the mainpage.xaml file

  • tipztv Thanks I'll try that when I get back.

    BTW you mentioned using only the C2 winphone8 export instead of the template that came with the plugin. Did it fully work? What parts of the code did you copy to get it to work?

  • bon4ire that issue is solved. Just use the template that comes with the plugin, use my above suggestion and it will work. There are two Landscape setting in the mainpage.xaml file (in the same line), make sure to change both of them

  • tipztv is correct, that should work fine :)

  • Thanks tipztv and All is working perfectly and nearly identical to iOS and android version.

  • Hope to get a little help on some Windows Phone 8 certification failures I am receiving from submission. I am using the plugin, and copying my media and images to the project folder. Also adding them in VS.

    Here are the errors:

    1- "The application's name on a device does not match its name in the Windows Phone Store. The application's name is "WindowsPhonePlugin".

    I have changed the name of the project, the name referenced in the index.html, and the anything referencing the name in mainpage.xaml is there any other place I am missing?

    2- "The application's 'pin to start' and the 'games hub' icons are generic Windows Phone icons."

    Where are these located to be replaced?


    3- "The application silently terminates at launch."

    The App runs fine in the emulator. Is this what the Hen was referring to in crashing issues with access store? I do have this logic implemented.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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