[Plugin] Windows Phone Updated - New Tutorial!

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  • I can answer for number 2.

    They are the icons in the /assets and /assets/Tiles folder. They need to be custom graphics reflective of your app. They're the icons you see when pin your app to start or within the apps list on the phone.

  • Yeah, I had those in the folder, guess I did not add them to the project like I thought. Checked the build assets folder and it still had the original files. Also found the app name information in the WMAppManifest file. I think this should fix issues 1 and 2. Thanks

  • tacticx have you tested on hardware, not just in the emulator? Make sure you test on lower memory devices as well.

  • Plugin has now been updated, fixing some difficult to repro crashing when playing audio with floating point volumes in certain locales.

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  • thehen I'm having the same problem as tacticx, where it shows up on the store as "WindowsPhonePluginForConstruct2"


  • gamepopper you previously said you fixed the issue by editing the manifest file? It's been mentioned that you need to fill in the manifest file with all your apps relevant information.

  • thehen Yeah I edited the manifest file, but when I submitted it and got accepted, the name didn't change. However, I believe I may have submitted the wrong XAP file, or because it used a XAP file with the exact same name, it didn't override. Today I've resubmitted the game again, but this time with a XAP file with a different name.

  • thehen

    Would it be possible to add an action to the publisher's store in your plugin?

    Currently, I have this link within my app:


    It would be much nicer to have the link open using the phones native store instead of the phone's web browser.

    Presumably similar to the 'Rate App' action but link to publisher instead ie 'Publisher Apps'.

  • Hi, how can one share something on wp8 with c2? Windows8 object doesnt seem to work on remote device testing...

  • The first is aboyt height and width: <img src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-34mtI-AsnuU/UcMGlGkruMI/AAAAAAAACd0/iFvQ9nqhLGQ/s320/Capture1.PNG" border="0" />

    second is about map than more than 8000x3000px :

    <img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-VT9DInKMpoE/UcMGlRrFNyI/AAAAAAAACd4/ToUTIg1VBRA/s320/Capture2.PNG" border="0" />

    And the web game can be found here :


  • khaerul I'm not sure what you mean. And the link appears to just be a dancing man.

  • It tjust a loading, wait aminutes.. :)

  • thehen

    You just saved my bacon, man. Ashley, you should think about incorporating this plugin as a standard for construct, because without it exporting to Windows 8 will fail. The back button support and IAP purchases, as well as trial support was a godsend.

  • Downloaded and tried this using Construct 2 version 1.32. I may have missed something, but MainPage.xaml.cs (line 15/17) are Using System.Runtime.Serialization.Json and Using System.Threading.Tasks. I get a compile error stating "The name "initializeComponent" does not exist in the current Context.

    Any thoughts on what is happening here?

    FrodoBaggins has picked up on an issue that means anything that isn't the example won't work. Just fixing now.

    - Edit ->

    Open up the following files and replace the WindowsPhonePluginForConstruct2 with the name of your project (you can find it in project settings inside Construct 2): App.xaml.cs (line 9 and 11), MainPage.xaml (line 2) and Mainpage.xaml.cs (line 15 and 17).

    Should be working now.

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