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  • imothep85

    I had similar problem when I used Div plugin made by Pode , I will check it again.

  • Thanks :D

  • Hi guys,

    I have a little problem with you plugin. See if you can help me out.

    So, I just want to click on a button and play a video. So, this button is on layer0 (visible) and video is on layer1 (invisible). When I click/touch the button, layer0 = invisible, layer1 = visible, play video. No problems in here. The video plays normally. Just freezing: initial visibility: layer0 (button) - visible, layer1 (video) - invisible.

    So, what's my real problem: when I upload my project to my site, since I cannot run it local, the first thing that shows up is the first frame of the video. Just it, the first frame, not playing. After a few seconds, this image vanish and I got back to my project but my layer0 is invisible, only background and HUD is showing up. From now on, my application runs normally. (Just to freeze again, my video layer (layer1) initial visibility is invisible)

    So, if I just remove the video instance from my project, it runs normally: it shows layer0 = visible and all other things. So, it may be Video instance that are causing all of this.

    What can possibly causing this? And what could be the solution? I tought on playing the video on another layout, but why can't I just put it on an invisible layer?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi rexrainbow. With the help of your great plugin i made a test;


    And it works on Chrome, Firefox and IE 10. But you have to wait until preload. I know your plugin have a Preload property. If i choose Auto option, nothing changes. And there is a Metadata option. But i don't know how to use it. Can you show an example use of it?

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  • mrcgkh

    Put an image url at "Poster" property.

    Here is a video plugin demo with auto-play, open it at chrome. It need a delay to preload some video stream then auto-play. Looks fine in this test.


  • Jota

    Could you provide me a simple capx?

  • rexrainbow,

    Do you know if there is a way to disable the right click of saving the video and copying the URL? I want to protect some videos I am making from being downloaded easily.


  • Disabling Right click will not stop to see the urls. In Firefox

    Tools menu -> Page Info -> Media will reveal videos

  • mrcgkh

    Thank you.

  • Hi

    I want to add custom controls. How can i add actions for

    First Frame

    Previous Frame

    Next Frame

    Last Frame controls?

  • Also i want to add a sprite to top of video. Editing Z-Order has no effect. Sprites shown always at the bottom of the video

  • mrcgkh

    What's the "frame"? Is it a frame of C2 game engine? (1/60), or a frame of this video?

    I could add an action to seek the video to a target time, and it could implement "go to frame" (time unit = 1/60).

  • rexrainbow

    First i want to say thanks for this great plugin.

    I mean the frame of the video.

    Here's my test:

    db.tt/G2zvWyWU%C2%A0%C2%A0%C2%A0(There are 4 videos. May take a long time to load)

    Because of Z-Order didn't worked I tried this solution. I rendered first and last frame as a image. After the end of the video i moved the video to negative coordinates. And call the last frame as an image. The coordinates of the image and video seems fine on C2 but they're moving a fex pixels in browser.

  • mrcgkh

    I only found the solution of seeking to a target time in second. But I had not found how to seek to a target time in frame, sorry. Any idea? Pode .

    I will try the zo-rder again, in my experience, it is possible.

  • rexrainbow mrcgkh : in HTML5 video, you can seek by time. So if you want the last frame, you need to get the duration of the video and seek at that time position to get the frame.

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