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  • Rex

    Is it possible to get rid of the video timeline and volume controls?

    And is there a way to layer objects on top of the video?

  • rexrainbow

    Does the plugin work offline as well? Can it be used on a tablet?

  • This is an awesome plugin and can be the answer to my current development troubles, so some questions:

    1) Does it support jumping to cue points inside the video? (something like: "jump to 02:55 and play")

    2) Can we control the video volume?

    3) I understand that you can load your video with the project and have it play offline, but did somebody got this working in a mobile project?

  • Guif0DA

    Video Formats and Browser Support

    Currently, there are 3 supported video formats for the <video> element: MP4, WebM, and Ogg:

    Browser      MP4      WebM      Ogg

    Internet Explorer 9      YES      NO      NO

    Firefox 4.0      NO      YES      YES

    Google Chrome 6      YES      YES      YES

    Apple Safari 5      YES      NO      NO

    Opera 10.6      NO      YES      YES

        MP4 = MPEG 4 files with H264 video codec and AAC audio codec

        WebM = WebM files with VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec

        Ogg = Ogg files with Theora video codec and Vorbis audio codec

    Tested Firefox 25.0 and plays all three formats via a constract 2 app.

    Maybe it's just proper codecs in your PC

  • If you want to set multiple sources dinamically (e.g. .mp4 & .ogg at runtime), you could add:

    edittime.js, line 34:


    AddStringParam("Source2", "The location (URL) of the video file", '""');

    AddAction(0, 0, "Set source", "Setting", "Set video source to <i>{0}</i> <i>{1}</i>", "Set video source.", "SetSource");


    runtime.js, line 202:


    Acts.prototype.SetSource = function (src,src2)


         this.elem.src = src;

         this.elem.src = src2;



    You could also add .webm this way as source3, for me two were enough.

  • Howdy,

    I've started using Rex Video. Quite nice. Noticed a few things, in CSS top and left positions are continually updating with TICK, would I be able to remove this from my copy? Or is this typically how Construct2 organises elements inside the Canvas?

    2. I can't seem to be able to click on all video controls. Its like something else overlays over the top. I can click on play/pause and audio on and off.. anyone else had this issue?


    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Created new Construct2 Project, dragged video across, nothing else on layout except video. Then added Touch to Project, can click on slider first time, second time everything freezes, can no longer slide. Only in Chrome so far.

  • Can this plug-in use with Node-Webkit ?

    It's not work for me T-T

  • Hey, I�m quite new to Construct2 and programming and found this Rex Video plugin very useful. Currently I�m working on a project where I need videos to have text subtitles (preferable from an external editable source).

    Any thoughts on how to load an external file and display it�s content on a text object according to video time?

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  • Why not make it optional (knowing there will be a performance hit).

    This is exactly what i need. to put sprites that I control on the top layer, while the bottom one plays videos (depending)..

    any recommendations

  • I just made a huge improvment to this script in order to make the video object be drawn inside the canvas insted of in a separate video html element.

    This allows for example to have other game objects on top of the video, and also eliminates the "shrinking" and "delayed drag" behaviours verified in the current version.

    Not fully tested though.

    How should I release this changes I've made?

  • Hi!

    I was just wondering how to play a video on bottom, to use my "chroma" effect (http://www.scirra.com/forum/chroma-effect_topic83592.html ) for a webcam on top of it.

    So please, is there a way for Gaps to release his/her improvements?

  • The zip file appears to be broken? Is there a newer version I can download anywhere?


  • i am used the video plugin and inserted a .mov video. it is working on the computer but not working in my ipad using cocoonjs. how should i make the video run on my ipad

  • paramgupta107

    CocoonJS did not support html5 video feature,

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