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  • First, thanks for making this plugin. Unfortunately, I'm having some problems with it. I don't really understand how it works, so I'm not sure if it's my fault or the plugin's fault.

    Here are two issues I'm having. Unfortunately the CAPX's are private and I can't share them but you should be able to test them.

    • Setting web font affects future text entries even if they do not have tags set at all.
    • The order of the tags affects the functionality. For instance, having text set to <class="a">Text</class> but having "Tag: b" first will make text with tag b use tag a instead. This is kind of inconvenient/hard to keep up with to make sure everything works right.

    Sorry if this is known, would just appreciate any suggestions. I looked at multiple of your examples and couldn't find anything I was missing in terms of functionality.

    EDIT: Note, should mention I have multiple instances of the TagText object, and am reusing them. So I guess the issue might be something like when it does its actions, maybe it's not picking instances (or the right ones), but I don't really know.

    EDIT2: Realized that while I can't share the CAPX, the specific code should be fine, so:

  • BBaller1337

    Declaration of tags are private for each tag-text instance. Or uses bbcode text which has some per-defined tags inside the object.

  • What do you mean they are private for each instance? How exactly is this different from bbcode? Sorry for all the questions but I appreciate the help

  • BBaller1337

    User should add tags definition for each tag-text instance if it uses these tags in text displaying.

    Here is a sample capx of multi-tagtext instances.

  • Ahhhh, ok, now I understand what you meant. Once I saw the code it made sense. I think I can get it to work now, thanks.

  • That's a really nice plugin. Thanks.

    I having some issue with the font-weight. I'm using the action "Add tags by CSS" instead use tags directly. Always the page is loaded, the font show extra bold (800) and then returns to normal. I've removed all the references about font-weight, inclusively in the css file with the informations.

    I've a doubt: can I use "Add tags by CSS" to define the font-family as I do with the stylesheet.css + webfont?

  • RBuster

    webfont can not be loaded by "action:Add tags by CSS" in current version.

  • Ok. So I need to continue using the "set web font" action.

    And in regards to my problem with "font-weight"?

  • Update

    Add "font" definition in "Add tags by CSS" and inline style.

    For example

    blue {
        font:900 20pt arial,sans-serif;
    to define font-weright to "900", font-size to "20pt", and font-family to "arial,sans-serif" in "Add tags by CSS".
    [code:3r3jjd3y]<style="font:900 20pt arial,sans-serif">Some text</style>[/code:3r3jjd3y]
    in inline style.

    RBuster[/p] It might be more similar with CSS font definition.

  • Thanks!

    Could you tell me if I need to update the plugin?

  • RBuster

    Yes, you need. Use this tool to update them in 3 seconds.

  • Thank you!

  • Can I define the line-height with this plugin?

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  • RBuster

    It is not supported now.

  • Do you intend to implement it? Can I use something else to change the height of the lines?

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