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  • amkp

    Also thanks for these suggestions.

  • Hi rexrainbow

    I love this plugin But I have a question: on the built apk characters have a very low quality, they are pixelated (font is Arial). Do I have to setup anything?

    PS: I also posted this comment on the BB Code Discussion Thread, but this was a confusion, sorry ^^'

  • Hello rexrainbow, big fan of your plugins.

    I discovered an issue while using TagText and also possibly typing (?) so I wasn't sure which thread to post in. Since the stack trace leads to TagText, I'm posting it here.

    It appears that if a <class=''> tag is separated from it's closing </class> tag by a 'newline' keyword, the plugin will error if you try to call the "Type Text" method.

  • Update

    Fix bug when content has "newline".


    Try this new version, thanks for the bug report.

  • rexrainbow Just tested the new version and it works like a charm. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • rexrainbow , thanks for the plugin. Great resource!

    Is there any way to define "text-indent" for the tagtext object without using class tags? My project uses classes to change the font style inside of paragraphs, and because tags cannot be nested, I don't know how to define "text-indent" without using a class for the whole paragraph.

    Thanks for the assistance!

  • rswindoll

    tag text does not support "text-indent".

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  • Thanks for your reply. I am able to find a work-around. Cheers!

  • Is it possible that I can't get the "set font style" action to work for bold on Internet Explorer? :/

    I have I.E. 11

    It's working fine in Chrome and Firefox. But I use IE for previews so...

    Thanks in advance, and a BIG THANK YOU for the plugin, the latests additions like shadows and strokes are awesome!!

  • Update

    Fix font style bug in IE.


    Thanks for this bug reporting.

  • Hi I am trying to install this plugin but if I unzip the file and copy the folder into either the behaviour folder or the plugin folder it stops construct 2 from loading if it is in the behaviour folder and errors on loading if it is the plugin folder.

    Please help

  • timcs

    Your might try this tool to install my plugins.

  • is that inheritance from text plugin?

    if that so, maybe it can not be put into zsorter

  • timcs

    Your might try this tool to install my plugins.


    Thanks, sadly when running this (had to do this as administrator to allow it to write to the construct 2 folder) it appeared to have installed but when I go and run Construct 2 it does not open and sadly does not error either


    removed this plugin via removing it from the folder but I still cannot open Construct 2 even though I could before I installed it


    Had to re-install Construct 2 before I got this to work,very strange.

  • rexrainbow : Thanks for your plugins, it's great. I wonder that with action add image, could we add random frame in an image which I had inserted in the tag ?

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