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  • Sweet Alert II v0.20 (Nov 21, 2017)

    Description: A beautiful and customizable replacement for javascript's popup boxes.

    Demo - Plugin - Capx


  • Good, Thanks

    I can't open demo capx

  • Are you using the latest version (r249)?

    What is the error message?

  • Are you using the latest version (r249)?

    What is the error message?

    I also get an error with your .capx (which uses r245 btw, just in case you may have uploaded an old version by accident).

    The error is:


    Cannot find action with ID 8 in the plugin 'Sweet Alert' (Sweet Alert).

    This is usually caused by a third-party developer removing the action from the plugin in an update......etc, etc

  • Oh yes, you're right! I do not know the reason but the version in the dropbox was the demo.

    I updated with the correct version. (plugin)

  • nice, demo is now running fine. cool plugin. thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks, very nice. Trying it out on mobile to see how it looks.

  • Can you please convert this over to C3?

    I tried with blackhornet's converter, but with just the straight conversion there were a few bugs ('step' mode was broken and 'hover' was broken.)

  • It's extremely AWESOME.

    Thanks Nandynho

  • My anti virus tool blocked the download due to a ransomware infection of your plugin file. Can you check that?

    I'm using Avast Internet Security.

    Plugin demo looks good! Great job on this plugin.



  • Thanks guys!

    Mikal I do not use C3 and have no interest for now. But if someone wants to convert to C3, feel free.

    AndreasR Avast is one of the worst antivirus that exists. Use Virus Total to check.

    Is pure Javascript, there is no way to put malicious code. But you can put the zip file on the Virus Total.

    (I have no idea why avast blocked the download)


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  • ...Avast is one of the worst antivirus that exists.

    Couldn't agree more. Aweful AV.

  • Nandynho

    I did convert it, but hit the following error when moving to a next 'step' in a dialogue, any suggestions? Seems to be related to 'hover' over the dialogue box for the first time:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'replace' of undefined

    at toRGBA (blob:https://preview.construct.net/27628c4b-96b9-42e4-830e-2be32fe8226c:98:15)

    at colorLuminance (blob:https://preview.construct.net/27628c4b-96b9-42e4-830e-2be32fe8226c:114:11)

    at HTMLButtonElement.onButtonEvent (blob:https://preview.construct.net/27628c4b-96b9-42e4-830e-2be32fe8226c:784:53)

    Also I get another error which seems related to the dynamic functions applied to each stage of the 'step' (function $() function not found.)

  • Hi Mikal

    How did you get this error? I can not help because I've never seen it. Can you send me a capx with this error so I can fix?

    Did you use Node-Webkit in preview? Is the version v0.27.2?

  • This was actually in C3 after converting it over. Based on your past comments, I imagine you do not want a capx, since you not using C3? If you have not seen it before, don't worry about it, I will continue to debug this myself on C3.

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