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  • Sorry Mikal

    I never used the C3. I do not know how it works. C2 is very complete and no bug known to me. This plugin has flaws but works inside C2, but at in C3 I do not know.


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  • Can i use Image Alert with this one?

  • AnyOne? I want to use an image alert like there was in SweetAlert2! but i cannot use sweetAlert II and sweet alert 2 at the same time, it creates problems! Help!!!

    Edit 21/07/18 : Please tell me if it is possible to use image alert with this or not!

  • After updating this forum, it is horrible to follow the messages ...

    Of course! But you need to learn HTML/CSS.

    <image src='https://s1.construct.net/images/v499/r/defaultavatars/toast1_v100.png'/>

  • Nandynho

    Thanks for replying, but can you please tell me how can i use different images in sweet alert via events in construct 2 ?

    Do you mean i have to make changes in plugin to add that feature? if it is so can you please help me with that cause i dont know html/css (i know css color = red etc. only)

    Please help!

  • HiNandynho,

    Thank you to develop this plugin, I'm trying right now but I'm encountering some GFX issues when testing on mobile landscape. (Button is partially cutted out)


    Attached image. I've already tested with updated version of sweet alert (7.6) but it gives only more problem :P

    I think the problem is how the size-y is calculated (if you try the app at full screen everything is OK)

  • Put this in Title or in Text:

    <image src='https://s1.construct.net/images/v499/r/defaultavatars/toast1_v100.png'/>

    tatogame This is normal, the screen is small and the message is "larger" (for this screen size). When this happens the scroll must be activated automatically, you can scroll up and down.

    You can use the smaller letter, for example:

    <p style='font-size: 10px;'>NORMAL</p>

    <p style='font-size: 8px;'>this is a normal alert</p>

    Or you can remove the confirmation image.


  • Nandynho

    Thanks i will try it! :)

    Edit: I tried and it worked with a url in quotes but i need to take image from a variable ie. the name of a sprite inside the game, In sweet alert 2 i used to put str(Variable&".png") in the 'image url" field and it worked

    How can i use it in this link because when i use it like this "<image src='str(LatestCard&".png")'/>" i have to put the whole thing in quotes and then the string becomes text i think???

  • You need to pass the image path, you should normally import the image into the Construct 2 folder "Files".

    Then you put the path of the image:

    "<image src='" & var_imagename & ".png'/>"

  • Ok Got it! Thanks a lot for giving your time and helping me! :)

  • Mikal

    Did you succeeded in converting the plugin to C3?

    Can you please share it? i am moving my projects to C3 now and it will be a big help...

  • No, it did not work right away and then I moved on to the C3 runtime (as opposed to the C2.5 runtime which I was using before). C3 runtime would take a lot more time to convert and I don't need it for my current projects. Good luck with it.

  • Mikal okkk.

    But Is there any way or alternative for sweet alert plugin, or should i stop wasting my time and start creating my dialogs manually?

  • Mikal

    Also I get another error which seems related to the dynamic functions applied to each stage of the 'step' (function $() function not found.)

    $ mark it is jquery. not include jquery does c3 runtime. you must adding.

    here c3runtime version.


  • Thanks a lot man! that will help a lot! :) :)

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