[Plugin] Spritefont (28th August 2012)

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  • > Creat many sprite font objects, then destroy them, the ImageMemoryUsage not reduce. Is a BUG of this plugin or the C2? Someone can fix it?

    Nofish, due to my lack of expertise it is entirely possible that Spritefont is not properly releasing textures, however it was not intended to be created and destroyed in large quantities and rapid succession. Why do you need so many spritefont objects being created and destroyed? That is one of the poor practices in C2.

    Mipey, I want to make an animation when the score changing.for example. +10, +24,+31 ,and make tween of the spritefont. If i use one spritefont to do this. The effect seen very strange.As I know ,your plugin is the best way to show a custom font in COCOOJS. Maybe i need to find a other way to do this.

    anyhow, your plugin is very very useful to me. Thanks Mipey.

  • The Sprite Font plugin is the most valuable single plugin that I use, and I believe many other people use it also. However, with 133 it is completely broken.

    I believe the de-duplicating function is incorrectly assuming all instances of the sprite font can share the same texture and trashing the rest.

    Is there anyone capable of having a look to see what the actual problem is and if it can be fixed?

  • I was playing with SpriteFont plugin I realise I am unable to use the "space" character. I have a LED display and I want for the space char not to be blank. Anyone have any idea how to do that?

    example capx

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  • you need a space in the character set and a corresponding "space" in your texture.

  • 133 breaks my entire sprite-font reliant project as well. Should I make a separate sprite font png for each object as a workaround?

  • I didn't know that Sprite Font breaks in r133 only to realize that I was using the old version (v6). I'm not sure if the changes was crucial between version 8 and 6, but I use 6 and its enough for my needs (and works with r133).

  • how can I check what version I have?

    EDIT: nevermind..found it

  • I'm guessing there is an issue with deduplication feature; the issue is also affecting other plugins (9-Patch). In another thread Ashley said it should be fixed in the next release (if I'm reading it correctly).

  • Thx for awesome plugin. It works well with alphabets but not with other languages like Hangul. I wish C2 would support diverse real font but this is still a great alternative.

  • If Hangul is formed into a grid, it can be used:

    Hangul in a grid

    All Spritefont needs is a grid of images.

  • This plugin is amazing and worked great even when exporting my project via CocoonJS.

    Now in the testing phases of my app, some devices show white squares instead of text, while others display the text normally.

    Could this be an issue with cocoon, construct or spritefont? Any feedback would be much appreciated.

  • schmuxy there's going to be an official sprite font plugin, I'd wait a little 'til it's released.

  • California Really? That's annoying to hear after I finally got it to work: fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/1010165_653052794724156_288051454_n.png

  • California Really? That's annoying to hear after I finally got it to work: fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/1010165_653052794724156_288051454_n.pngAlready released in the Beta release.

    Works a hell of a lot better than this plugin, I had some bugs that I had to work around (see a couple pages back). With the new plugin, it's easier to use than this one.

  • I don't use this word often, but sweet. Great to hear the official plugin is in beta. A stable version should be coming out soon. Really looking forward to it :)

    Though I think Mipey should get a lot of credit. His plugin lasted for some time and did a lot of work. Especially since Mipey isn't a JS expert as he says. nods to Mipey and laying the foundation for SpriteFont :)

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