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  • rexrainbow

    Is there a way to get the names of all the layers/layer properties separate from the tile array? For example: I want to get a list of layers, as well as access layer properties, without having to use "on each tile cell" to step through the tile array and get the names of all the layers.

  • Update

    Add "condition: for each layer" to retrieve each layer name / layer properties.



  • Update

    Add "condition: for each layer" to retrieve each layer name / layer properties.



    Wow! That was fast. Thanks so much rexrainbow!

  • Update

    Fix bug while using duration mode.

  • Update

    tmx_importer_v2: add "Condition:For each tile at logic XY" to read properties of tiles at logic X,Y. Support official save/load.

    tmx_JSON_parser: support base64 + uncompression, base64 + gzip, base64 + zlib

  • rexrainbow nice update!

  • can anyone post a video as how to import .jason or .tmx file using this plugin as its unclear & also there is no clear tutorial as how to import this files using this addon !!!

  • miketolsa

    1. import *.tmx or *.json file


    2. add ajax and request project file


    3. now you get the tmx string, call Action:Import tmx of this rex_tmx_importer_v2

  • rexrainbow

    I am getting this error while pasting the jason code inside inverted commas

    I did import both .tmx & .jason files inside construct 2 project .........

    But didn't know why am I getting syntax error

    Also to create tile I just imported the same image as tilemap in construct 2 project ...........

    So am i doing something wrong ??? what should be in place of image path ???

  • miketolsa

    The "image" property in tmx / JSON export file will not be used, you could remove these lines.

    BTW, you need replace " to ' in the tmx / JSON string if you want to paste them into event editor directly.

  • Hey rex, I'm using the tiled program to make an isometric map, I did exported it into a json file, your plug-ins will work for me with an isometric map?

    By now I was not using any plug-ins beside AJAX and your 'Nickname' plugin, but the ways I'm trying to 'populate' my map was causing huge problems of FPS, I'm making a test map of 300x300 using a grid of 150x100 (isometric).

    First I did passed all the content of a simple txt using repeat command into array but this takes a loooot of time depending on the size of the map, then I give up the array and tryed make directly the type of Sprite with nickname plugin, the fps became better but still not perfect... any tips for me? we could talk better with a chat to discuss about what I'm trying to accomplish, right now it's working besides of some FPS problem that I need to fix, maybe your plugin could help me, just Don't know how to

  • Guif0DA

    It runs too much actions in a tick. To solve it, you might try one of these

  • rexrainbow

    thanks for reply

    I tryed to incorporate the balance plugin with my 'code' and about the fps, it helped alot, but now I see the map being constructed tile by tile around the character, the ideal is to make it be an instant action that the player can't notice it being created... any solutions with the balance plugin?

    right now its creating 289 tiles when the character move around him(the suficient to fill the screen, I'm not using your tmx import plugin, only the balance one

  • Guif0DA

    Do you want to

    A. create tiles of whole map?

    B. only tiles nearby character will be created?

    In case A, it has to run a lot of actions, so it is impossible to create whole map instantly. You might try to set tile invisible when creating, and set visible when all actions finished.

    In case B, you might try my another plugin - logic mask. It can help you create sprites inside an area, and destroy sprites when left this area.

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  • rexrainbow

    Im in the case B, only tiles near me is creating.

    I will try another method, I'm going to store the grid info using your balance plugin into array and will use repeat functions to create the tiles near me from the array info, will take some time to make that, hope I get better results

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