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  • Multiline Box

    Version: 1.14 (05/01/2014)

    Download MultilineBox.rar

    Hey, here is a multiline plugin.

    It's a textbox but with the multiline possibility.

    I started working on this plugin from the original textbox plugin, so the functionnalities will be pretty the same.

    I added style properties (background color & font properties) as well.


  • Nice :)

    Quick question, by font properties do you mean webfonts or regular system fonts ?

    If the latter, would it be possible to add webfonts to this multiline box ?

  • Kyatric

    Thx. It means regular system fonts, but I think it would be possible to add webfonts asap. ;)

  • Changelog v1.1

    [Change] - The properties use the group header.

    [Add] - Support of webfonts.

    About the new webfont properties.

    <center><img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27157668/construct2/images/multiline/webfont.jpg" border="0" /></center>

    • In Webfont, set the url of the webfont


    • Then set the name of your webfont (Name_of_the_webfont) in the Webfont name property.

    /!\ If you want to use the Font property instead of the Webfont property, just let the Webfont property blank.


  • Hello septeven,

    is it possible to make a manual line break - perhaps with \n or <br>

    I haven't found out what's the different between the Property Linebreak "auto" and "manual". How can I make the text "line1 line2 line3" shown in three lines?

    thankx, Joe7

  • Joe7

    When the linebreak property is on 'auto', the line break is automatically done when the text reach the end of the line.

    When it's on 'manual', there's no line breaks till then you press 'enter' key.

    In all case, if you want to make a line break, press basically on 'enter'

    Finally, if you want to make a line break in the 'set text' action, use 'shif'+'enter'.

    Hopefully it helps you.

  • Thanx septeven ,

    in that cases your plugin works perfektly. What I want is to produce a linebreak when there "comes" a text: "line1 \n line2"

    action: textobject.set Text to("line1 \n line2")




    I've found out, that i can do this with the plugin "JesseJoh's HTML Elements Pack" with <br>-Tags.


    Ok it works with \n when I read strings from php or external javascript.

    g, Joe7

  • Joe7: Use the system expression "Newline"

    septeven: Support the system expression "NewLine" for this breaking line feature please <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • tnx septeven,very very usefull

  • Kyatric: thanx, the plugin works great with that. ("Hello" & newline & "World") <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • It's already suported ? Even better.

    Even awesomer quick job septeven :)

  • Changelog v1.11

    [Fix] - Conflict with mouse object

  • septeven, thanks so much for this one! I only just realized the regular Textbox in C2 isn't multiline-capable. I could get away with not going multiline, but your plugin just makes this much cooler. I'll be posting up the project I'm working on with this shortly, I hope.

  • septeven, is there any way we could bold a portion of the text only?

    I am using your Multiline box to display some debugging values but I would like to quickly highlight/bold certain areas.

  • Hi,

    Is there any way that I can get rid of the border in the multiline box?



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