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  • chriskvideochallenge

    You can't with this version, sorry.

  • Changelog v1.12

    Add - A show/hide borders property.

  • septeven

    I found, that on my windows pc the scrollbars of the Multilinebox show up nicely when the text amount is more then the size of the box.

    However on Mobile devices such as my iphone 5 and Google Nexus 7 the scrollbars do not appear.

    Thus the users of my app cant scroll trough their texts while creating them, or reading them.

    I have also checked this issue with the normal scirra textbox, and it does not show the scrollbars on these mobile devices either.

    Is this fixable?

    Kind Regards.


  • Savvy001

    Uhm, there's no scrollbars on iphone (excepted the kind of scrollbar you find in my iscroll plugin).

    On iphone, the user has to scroll with two fingers (don't know for the nexus)

  • septeven

    Indeed, i just checked it after your reply and on my iphone "one" finger is enough to scroll. (perfect!)

    When trying 1 or two fingers on the android it does not scroll the text in the box, but the whole layout.

    And it does only scroll the whole layout when i am touching the multiline box.

    So touching anywhere else on the screen has no effect at all.

    In other words: When touching the multilinebox, it looks like it reacts to a scrolling action, but instead of moving the text inside the multilinebox, it just moves the "multilinebox itself" and the complete layout.

    Kind Regards.


  • mmm, I'll try to see why but it'll be difficult to test since I don't have any android device at home.

  • septeven


    And i can test on my nexus, but ofcourse that will only tell u if it works or not.

    Kind Regards.


  • septeven

    I found that the multilinebox is also shaking in Chrome.

    Could u fix that like u did with the TextboxAddon And ComboBoxListBox?

    Kind Regards.


  • Savvy001

    I did the fix for all my plugins but didn't alert people about it for all of them.

    Just have to redownload it.

  • septeven



    Kind Regards.


  • version 1.13

    [FIX] - Fix a bug with the fullscreen mode

  • Hi Septeven!

    Awesome plugin by the way!

    Is it possible that the "on text changed" action doesn't work? Or maybe it's just on an iPad? (Let me test that on Firefox while writing this...no, doesn't work in Firefox on a PC either)

    Can you verify that? Because I replaced my previous text object with your multiline one and it's the only thing that don't work.

    Oh, and, one last question, do you plan on adding support for different "units" for text size like points in addition to pixels?

    Thanks for your work!

  • septeven, Thank you so very much for this plugin!!!! I can't believe I did not see this till now! Your plugin is better than the standard listbox plugin as it can accept newline (/n) in returned data. Awesome!!!!

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  • Hi there

    This is a great plugin!

    I had a question about webfonts and such.

    I know you have implemented an online webfont solution, but I was wondering if there was a way to use offline fonts that had been uploaded to the project as files, as there is with the normal text box.

    Many thanks.

  • Please ignore my last questions - I figured it out.

    In the Webfont field, put the name of the stylesheet you have created and uploaded to your project files.

    Still put the name of the font in the next field down.

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