[PLUGIN] Mobile Push/Local Notifications (CocoonJS) READY

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  • Yes, I am fixing it rigth now!


    I will send you the plugin after fixing this bug.


  • NEWS!!!

    I have just fixed some bugs in this plugin.

    If you have already bought it:

    Just send me an e-mail on sergyperov@gmail.com with topic "REQUEST FOR UPDATE" and you will get an update for free!

  • I love this plugin so much..

    But would make a IntelXDK crosswalk version?

  • sergyperov, I am able to fix the above error by fixing the javascript from string to boolean, the local notficatoins seems to work, but I am unable to send any push notifications from the Parse console, even after i registerForPushNotfications and Subscribe to the channel, I am not seeing any receipients in parse console to be able to send any push, Although i am able to get a device token back after i register, Any idea on how to make it work ?

  • I had a quick question about the plugin. The reason I don't want to use CocoonJS is because of its lack of support for textboxes and buttons. If I use this plugin, do I have to export to CocoonJS, or will it work for Ejecta/Crosswalk?

  • Hello Sergeyperov,

    Fantastic and awesome plugin, I am waiting for this.

    I will buy the plugin but I have some questions.

    Plugin is compatible with Construct 2 173 and 174?

    You offer technical support for plugin customers?

    You can create custom plugins?

    Wich is the price for custom plugins?


    Sorry for late answer, I was on holidays.

    1. Yes, the plugin is compatible with all versions of Construct 2.

    2. Yes, I offer technical support for plugin customers. If you will find any bug or have any questions, write me on sergyperov@gmail.com.

    3. Yes, I can create any custom plugins you want.

    4. The price for custom plugin is from $50. Sometimes, it can be lower, if the plugin is really easy, sometimes it can be bigger.

  • I have a question before purchasing this. I'm going to make a time based app, like SNGs, you know, click something, wait for it to be done, and get notification alarm. Does CocoonJS application work on the background to push the notifications, even if the app is not running? Is it possible? Just curious.

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  • shaircast

    people say, that plugin is working not so good with PUSH notifications. So I don't think its a really cool idea. Local notifications - OK!

  • Hi,

    What is the problem with push notifications?

    It is going to fix this error?

    I will purchase de plugin and I want to make sure I buy a plugin 100% functional.


  • Hello,

    For your information, we updated the plugin some weeks ago, including the prelude. Now the C2 plugin is based on the 3.0.4 JS Plugins, and the old plugins are deprecated. In fact, we stopped updating the services, so it makes sense that the push notifications are not working as they should.

    In addition, it is in our plans to add Local Notifications support, but it won't be in the following weeks at least.


  • Thanks for the information. The problem is not the plugin but rather the service. While local notifications works I'll be happy.

  • Hello,

    Well, yes, it might be, but we stopped updating the service in the old plugins, and this plugin is based on the old ones. That is what I meant. The 3.0.4 version of the plugin works fine, even the notifications. In fact, we fixed them quite recently.


  • Is this Plugin still available & does it still work for local notifications? ludei sergyperov

  • ludei

    That's good news!!!

  • I have fixed some troubles with my PayPal account, you can now buy the plugin:

    Buy plugin ($8) Delivery within 24 hours

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