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  • I got it! Thanks.

  • May I ask which part of events would call function "NoteEvent_dep" in MIDI_PianoSample_r168_v1.capx?

    BTW, could it possible to get note events without play any audio effect?

  • rexrainbow

    That's sloppiness on my part. "_dep" is for deprecated - the function was moved to eKeyboard.

    I didn't allow for no actual audio. You could fake it with a "null" sound file, maybe.

  • Hi ! This is a great plugin. It would be awesome to have it processing incoming MIDI events - such as notes played on an external MIDI device.

    Also, could the tempo be set as well ? For instance, say a sequence is playing (from a loaded MIDI file), with a tempo defined at 120 BPM. It would be great to be able to modify this tempo, i.e. play the MIDI file at a different BPM.

  • HomeGames

    Sorry, I won't be making any changes to the plugin. It was a hack on top of a hack on top of a hack. You could see if this alternative works for you:

  • I'm interested whether there are any plans to rewrite this plugin since Chrome now has official MIDI support via Web MIDI: http://www.engadget.com/2015/05/20/chrome-midi-support/

  • I don't plan to, but Ashley always said he'd support MIDI when the standard was finalized.

  • Ah, good call!

  • NICE! Aerosmith was a nice touch

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  • blackhornet i know this is an old plugin and its not developed further sorry for zombifying it... is it possible to get the midi file notes to be played ? and create sprites based on the midi file pattern?

    Edited: actually i think a pattern isn't really necessary... the plugin plays the notes or the song based on a BPM (lol said rpm haha) right? is it a way to detect the speed of which the player taps the tiles and convert the time between the taps to bpm and then play the song based on that? that wold be actually close enough to dont tap the tile... i want to use the midi plugin cause loads so fast dont mind the pattern sprite recognition anymore i think the bpm work around wold be the best approach to this.

    Edited2: nevermind solved it i wish though that pattern recognition of the notes to be possible... wold enable us to create so much cool stuff using the notes pre-loading ...generated maps etc...

  • You might try this plugin, which only fire note events.

  • You might try this plugin, which only fire note events.

    ohhh *snap*... thats actually what i needed

    had been looking at it in C2 since i have ur full repository but didn't bothered to check it out more then seeing it

    rexrainbow as always your awesome

  • I am not sure how this plugin is used these days. I am experimenting. In the meantime, I have found this


  • Really awesome plugin!

    But every time a note plays, it creates and numbers a tag, which counts upwards and never resets.

    For example, I've got strings_C4 and I play a note, it will create an audio tag called "strings_C4_0", then I play that note again and it plays "strings_C4_1", "strings_C4_2", "strings_C4_3", "strings_C4_4", "strings_C4_5" etc..

    But it never resets and after playing the song for about half an hour or so, it begins to stutter.

    I'm wondering why the tags are needed? It would be cool if it only used 1 tag per instrument so we could add reverb and other effects to individual instruments. (Convolution Reverb makes the whole thing sound a lot more realistic).

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