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  • Good evening, I'm watching this fantastic work and I liked it but I'm trying to introduce a little variation so that we can vary the time of the song so I added this little code but still not working. I added two variables. dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48753265/avance.png. does not work but I wonder if I can help improve this small code.


  • You can't used the Audio plugin to affect the MIDI plugin. Any changes must go through the MIDi plugin itself. However, I don't actually have a tempo adjustment at the moment. It's not an easy thing to do on the fly, but I'll try to see what I can do. No promises though.

    Also, I still don't understand what "sample4" is. Could you provide some reference I could look at?

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  • Thank you very much, as in Example 4 that I have asked is because I want the added function of drag and drop midi files that works in that example. If you can not put nothing happens, thank you very much for answering.

  • sorry for my English but I'm Spanish. thanks

  • Excellent stuff blackhornet!

    I cobbled together something a test with webmidiapishim, but this is much better. Thanks!

    Anybody on OSX & Chrome Canary tried this with Web MIDI?


    It should work without the JAZZ plugin.

    edit: Maybe just regular Chrome is okay now.

  • tengo problemas para que este plugin me funcione sobre html5 sobre google chrome en html5 y tampoco me funciona en osx y windows 7. Me podr�as ayudar para saber como se debe de realizar la exportaci�n para despu�s hacer la prueba. gracias

    I have trouble getting this plugin to work on html5 me on google chrome in html5 and I do not work on osx and windows 7. Could you help me to know how you should perform the export for later testing. thanks


  • You have to turn off Minify for HTML. As for, Node-Webkit, I have no idea why it doesn't work, or how to fix it. Sorry.

  • Hello again friends, I tried turning off minify but I can not. For this I have written a line of code where I wrote that starting the application. browser "& js_fast_load = 0 & css_fast_load = 0 & strip = 0"

    but I still can see the application when I export to html5 yet if I see when I give in construct2 preview (run layout) or debug layout).


  • Good morning friends, I'm really wasting their time but this plugin is driving me a little crazy. I've managed to turn of minify but I still get the same problem when exporting midi application. The screen stays black and does not leave the keyboard, but if I came out minify on buttons with minify google but nothing comes out of. Also comment I've tried in firefox and I get the screen but does not leave the keyboard and no longer have to do to work with this fantastic plu ugin. Also comment that when working in construct 2 play mode debug layout, it looks all but then when I export I see nothing. thanks

  • In Chrome you could try hitting F12 to get the console up and see if anything useful is being logged. This plugin is only experimental, and as discussed, there are many hoops to jump through just to get anything working.

  • but what I do not understand is because it works with the example you set and ami html5 does not work CapX file I downloaded, or I oestoy doing something wrong or html5 example does not match the file. thanks

  • good afternoon, I may not have installed the latest plugin. my question which is the last plugin.

  • There is only the one plugin. Running the exported code is different from running from C2, as all the rules and security of the webserver itself now come into play. Again, looking at the logs may help.

  • thank you for all. Today I entered the next web page in the plugin and I have updated the plugin manually. I open it in google but if I open the firefox and windows 7. I will keep trying. thanks

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