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  • Good afternoon, I'm having problems with the google browser and stuck me with the phrase "pre-loading .........." and does not work. with google I can not open, but with mozilla firefox opens but if you get stuck because the keys do not light up. I tried to export it in different ways and still not working but without embargoes'm surprised because if it works when I press the preview button "run layout".

    I want to know if you could review the application in different browsers.

  • It does work in Chrome. I've suggested before that you need to hit F12 and look at the console log to see what errors are being reported. Have you exported any other C2 app that plays sound and confirmed that it works?

  • Viewport target-densitydpi is not supported. index.html:9

    BHT_MIDI using OGG c2runtime.js:14762

    Uncaught SecurityError: An attempt was made to break through the security policy of the user agent.

  • What about any other app that just plays a sound?

  • it?s ok

  • Try posting a CAPX of what you've done and I'll try it on my end.

  • Thank you very much for your help. All I tried to do was add some images and sync some sound files wav and midi to try to do an experiment and then to take it to the classroom. I am a teacher and no computer but I like it and am very interested in this project. I followed several links and I tried to modify the plugin to see if it worked but I'm lost. application if I work in the preview mode of development of construct 2, but then when I export all I've got is that I work in firefox sounds but I can not see color colored keys according to the note that you are listening. Thank you.


  • I also forgot to say that if I download the example of you who have placed midi to download on page 1, then piano sample and then open it to export as html5 or otherwise export construct 2 and still does not work export.

    Thank you very much for your help. Sorry for the English but I'm Spanish.

  • Here's your app hosted on my website: blackhornettechnologies.com/midi/pl1

    It works, so this is something to do with wherever it is that you are hosting from. Looking back a few messages, you mention the error, which when I double check, looks like it actually is the console.log line causing the problem. This makes no sense to me, but I've removed all logging from my plugin and posted this one-off version here:


    Replace the current files with these ones and see what happens.

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  • I found this site with keygen music having a 4500 file pack to download here.

    Can anyone confirm if they work with this plugin? Sorry for being to lazy to try them myself:) I test some of them on winamp and they are fine.

  • Hey, How do I play a midi file put in the files folder in the C2?I am using r161.

  • blackhornet

    I get many errors when I load a file.How do I play it?????

    Sorry I am a fool

  • The sample does this.


  • blackhornet

    I did just that.

    Opened a new project.

    Imported a midi file into files directory.

    Added Audio and that plugin object(Can't remember the name)

    On start of layout-Load file("mymusic.mid")

    On loaded,start with loop

    I get some animation error.

    If I cut the .mid part,I get another error

  • It's up to you to also supply all of the instruments and notes. You need to read all of the manual, top to bottom.

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