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  • Hello everyone,

    This is my first post and my english is'nt very good so don't be too rude with me.

    I try using he matcher for a bubble shooter like with the hex board and the matcher. But i can't figure out how to make the 2d paterns works...

    My project works quite good with the "for each N symbols" but it's not exactly what i'm tryig to do since there could be other matchs than inline match...

    I try following the bejeweled with the paterns and adapt it for my game, but it does not work.

    So, i have some questions:

    Does the matcher works with chesses?

    What the matcher campares? Because if i send him different animations, he find nothing but if all my assests are in the the same sprite but on different frame it works.

    Is there a special syntax for the paterns on multiple lines?

    Thanks in advance!

    And a special thank for Rexrainbow and his plugins, it's very usefull!

  • Problem solved!

    It came from the way i was calling the matcher...

  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there is a way to find X+ connected tiles (not especially in a row, ref. flood fill algorithm: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flood_fill) ?


  • Rexrainbow or anyone else

    I want to set symbol to chess.animationName , but it dont work , what shall i put in the string to get the matcher plugin to work

    <img src="https://gameportalen.com/matcher_set_symbol_to_.png" border="0" />

  • RexRepo_v2 does not work on my Windows 8. What do I do?

  • Can someone provide a comprehensive list or more examples of matches. For instance on a 5x5 board what would be the pattern for:

    V shape

    A Shape

    X shape

    L Shape

    Z Shape

    I don't fully understand the example for the T shape provide in this thread


  • scottldouglas

    T shape is

    and you might rotate this shape 90 degree
    Or ini a 3x3 array
    You might list all 4 possible directions
  • rexrainbow

    Thanks Rex - That make a ton more sense. Now I have another issue. The sprite does not flash when the matcher finds a match. I know the code is executed and debug is incremented. Scratching my head on this one. Any thoughts?? I'm sure it's something fairly stupid I am missing.

  • scottldouglas

    Try put condition "Has any 5 continuous symbols matched" under action "Get matched tiles", or use trigger condition "On N symbols".

  • Thanks Changing the condition to "On N Symbols" did the trick

  • Hi,

    I re-wrote the document of this plugin.

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  • Update

    Add "Action:Update cell by LXY", "Action:Update cell by chess", "Action:Update cell by chess uid" to update a symbol at dedicate cell indexed by logical XY, or a chess object, or a uid of chess.

    These will trigger "Condition:On get symbol" once.

  • i am going nuts here !!!!

    Rex, i am missing something here but i just cant figure out what!?


    i can't get matching to work...

    help please!

  • irina

    I had already replied this by PM.

  • Yes i know... but i just cant make it work...

    ...i am trying this and that, left and right and how ever i apply your matcher examples i just cant get it to work...

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