[PLUGIN] Listview + 11 THEME + Sorting ** Update V1.5 **

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  • Hi HMMG,

    Thank you for the reply! I will check into it and let you know how I go. Much appreciate it. I must have overlooked the subtext option, I thought that I tried that but perhaps I was doing it wrong (I do most things wrong, lol).

    Thanks again

  • I used your plugin Version 1.3.

    It´s working nice in preview but sadly it crashes on export for Html or for NWjs.

    Error in NWjs:

    "undefined is not a function" in c2runtime

    Error in Web:

    Uncaught TypeError: $(...).tf is not a function

    If i click the c2runtime in webinspector console, it marks the following line

    (case 1:e="blackice";break;case 2:e="blue";break;case 3:e="bootstrap";break;case 4:e="bootstrap_2";break;case 5:e="dark";break;case 6:e="default";break;case 7:e="dropbox";break;case 8:e="green";break;case 9:e="grey";break;case 10:e="ice";break;case 11:e="jui";break;default:e="default"}console.log(e);$(d.g.table).tf({Du:e})}else $(d.g.table).tf().removeClass("tablesorter-default");else if(0<d.j[15]){switch(d.j[15]){case 0:e="none";break;case 1:e="blackice";break;case 2:e="blue";break;case 3:e="bootstrap";)[/code:386f49hx]
    [b]Update - 27.01.2015 - 21:08[/b]
    The option "allow sort" is the bad guy here 
    if "allow sort" is true => the exported project crashes with the above error
    if "allow sort" is false => everything is fine
    It would be great if you can handle this 

    I get this error also. Maybe once HMMG is back from his holiday he can look into it?


  • hey guys , give me few hours to check the code later , i was on the beach the whole day

    thanks :p

  • No rush at all mate. Much appreciate you taking the time to build this wonderful plugin.

    One question I have also regarding this plugin however... If I use a "theme" for the table, then any CSS code used to style the cells or rows seems to be over-ridden by the "theme". In order to use CSS styling at runtime (to change selected row, etc) there has to be no active per-determined theme selected. Is this the intended function?



  • Hi hmmg. Nice plugin. Just what i need for my next project. Just 2 things:

    1) Will the "Sort = true / export" problem be fixed?

    2) I´m not an english native speaker. In fact i live n Ecuador and here we speak Spanish. The sort function works well in English but the sort criteria doesent match Spanish grammatial rules.

    For example: if i want to sort this letters in English (B, A, Z , Á, D) the result is (A, B, D, Z, Á) That´s OK in English and that´s the way your plug in works.

    But in Spanish the right way to sort (B, A, Z , Á, D) is (A, Á, B, D, Z)

    Is there any way to change the sort funtion so it matches the Spanish Sort citeria?

    I can even pay you to implement this "Spanish sort" function is the pirce is reasonable. I really need it.



  • Hey guys , i started working on a Full remake of this Plugin it will be the V2 , all what you asked for will be included in it and i will use another framework , which is the most popular for the Web Developpement which is "DataTables" , Visit it's Website "https://www.datatables.net" and take a look . so until now , what i have wrote to add

    ** The Full system will be changed

    ** Multiple Language supports (for sorting for gabicho "FOR FREE" no need to pay me anything)

    ** Cells -> reading , editing , removing , even cloning a cell :p :p :p

    ** Sorting Configuration will change on which language you choose

    ** Multiple Select

    ** Scroll Or Paggination , "paggination : instead of scroll , you will have fixed height , but with many pages 1 , 2 , 3 , .... change with your data length"

    ** Import/Export -> JSON,CSV,XML, and Google Drive Sheet if possible

    and others will come

    if you have any other suggestion let me know and i will add it to my TO DO list

  • Hi HMMG

    This is great news that you will be updating the plugin with a new version. I was wondering how progress is going so far, since I have run into new issues with the current plugin (mainly inserting rows if row 0 is selected, it seems to yield strange results).

    If there is anything I can do to help the process (make a donation?) then please let me know. This plugin has become a critical now to development, and while I can work-around most of the minor issues that have appeared... the new version sounds like it will be super-awesome!



  • Hey SoldjahBoy , yea i am progressing but slowly :p , i work all the day in a Company and many hours on the night As Freelance , so i code the plugin each Weekend , it will be ready maybe at max 2 - 3 weeks

  • Sounds great man

    I will wait to see what you come up with!


  • *bump*

    How goes the progress ?


  • Great news about the new features in the next version of this plug in!! How it will be ready?

  • Hey guys , sorry i soo busy last few months , Working studying, too hard , i finish my exams next week and i will resume working on the V2 of this plugin sorry again guys

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  • Quick question, is it possible to sort the list on initial loading of text in it? Like I fill up the list view when going to a layout, but want it to default sort because right now it's all out of order from a XML document I get the text from.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

  • Hey, the current version no , but i just added that function to you , download the "listview1.3.1" , after you add your data to the Listview , add an Action "Sort Column" , set the Column zero-based Index, and the sorting order Like this

    That means i am going to sort the first Column , with a Descendant Order

  • Brilliant man, thanks a lot!

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