[PLUGIN] Listview + 11 THEME + Sorting ** Update V1.5 **

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  • This seems like a pretty cool plugin. Thanks

    Could someone please tell me how to change the color of a cell when clicked (instead of when hover) to create a "highlight" selected effect and then make it revert color when clicked again? Thanks!

    e.g. http://jsfiddle.net/cswing/SG9dp/


    Also, how to get the value of the clicked/selected cell?

  • Is it possible to add sprites to the header or lines? I am creating a cardgame and would like to create an area for the cards in the player's hand by adding the cards (sprites).

  • tmc4tt you can create headers and lines and adding <br> HTML tag inside them to add space and add the sprite over the listview object in the editor

  • I do not understand what you said.

    Could you give an example? I would like to add sprites in the listview instead of text.

  • Check out this demo , it's a bad method but it does the job i think https://ufile.io/b567a

  • what a great plugin!! is it possible to know which cell user click instead of row?

  • dannykln , check out the 1.4 , i added an expression SelectedCellIndex will return The zero-based index of the currently clicked cell , if you have 5 columns and you click the first one it will return 0 , the second will return 1 , etc.....

  • its really awesome !! i'm gonna try it now!! thank you so much for your effort and prompt action

  • dannykln , no problem

  • everything work great, except 'Listview.AsJSON' and 'Set from json' doesn't work , possible to fix it ?

  • hey dannykln , those are default function in C2 plugins , I did not create them , but you can save and load your data using the eventsheet events and actions of Listview

  • Ic , okay no problem , thanks

  • Hey man, love this plugin, hope you can help me with this:

    Today, I encountered the first issue that i can't manage to resolve:

    I'm trying to implement a search system for the list that I'm displaying.

    To do so, I have a textbox where you can enter your keyword(s).

    When you search, a loop starts, repeating

      times. Every loop, a condition checks whether
        matches the search term regex
      . (itemindex is zero, since I'm only searching in one specific column (the first one). If that regex check returns false, the row at [loopindex] index is removed. I added a log action to check whether the event actually trigger and yeah, it does. So the issue must be the listview plugin. It looks like it's removing the rows, but not updating the actual rendered table. The table changes though, some rows are removed, but definitely not all rows that match the conditions. If I press the search button ~5-7 times (without changing the keyword), the search results are good (each time, some entries are removed), but there must be a way to do it on the first click, right? Here is an image of the important part of my event sheet:
      I might also add that the table includes quite some items, 227 rows à 5 columns, dunno whether that might be related to the issue. Thanks for any help! PS: Also, if you have some more time how can I make a column change color when clicking on it? (preferably with the CSS file)
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  • randomly is it possible to send me your capx file on ?

  • randomly , this answer is for other users , but you check your email

    You can now filter the table using "FilterBy" action where you can set the text to filter with and select the column z-index based or -1 for all columns and finally set if it's sensitive case or not

    I added 4 properties

    Selected Row Background Color example "red" "#ff0000" "rgb(255,0,0)

    Selected Row Text Color example "red" "#ff0000" "rgb(255,0,0)

    Hover Row Background Color example "red" "#ff0000" "rgb(255,0,0)

    Hover Row Text Color example "red" "#ff0000" "rgb(255,0,0)

    you can now set the text color and background color for the hovered and selected Row

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