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  • How i can install this to C2?

  • thank you


    Now i have copy the files to the "Plugins" Folder and if i start C2, i get a error message, the same happens if i copy the Files in the "Behaviors" Folder.

    I download Version5 from the Website

  • Edelplastic

    What are you talkin about ????!

    You have to install the PLUGIN, not the javascript library of the iscroll website! O_O

    Look at the first page!

  • tested on iOS with ejecta: xcode returns "Can' find variable: jQuery at Line 17 in iscroll.js". :/

    (And on pc preview in a browser scrolling is not working)
  • First of all, thanks for the awesome plugin.

    It's a life-saver.

    I have a question (I've searched all 10 pages, before posting this. but, I still might have missed.)

    For the condition On Any line clicked, how do we know which line was clicked?

    Is there any expression available to check the line which was clicked?

    Once again thanks!

  • Hey septeven a quick question... although it may have been answered before... is there a way to use one of the sprites I have already made and place it in one of the lines? I'd like to make a custom header w/o having to call all the parts from external sources.(and be able to test drive it in preview of course...) Cheers on the awesome plugin.

  • Ragevortex

    if you mean native construct 2 sprites, the answer is not

  • septeven its cool... I figured as much. Thanx for the quick reply...

    one more question ... I know yer busy and all I was wondering if eventually there could be a div option besides the iframe option...

    I'm working on a swipe menu using your cool tool however when iframes are "moved outside of view" c2 has this tendency to shrink the contents which ends up having an interesting effect on the menu... I'm including a sample image to show the "effect"

    let me know if anything.

    Thank's again for the quick reply mon.

  • is there a way to load local images? i tried using ajax but no luck

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  • Work on android ? And other browser than firefox (like chrome) ?

    Thank in advance for responses ^^

  • Ragevortex

    Sorry for very late answer - Did you put the truncate property to no ? It should do the job!

  • septeven thanx for the answer mon. I did get to fix it but ran into a performance issue because the menu the app needed was too long and was slowing the app down to a crawl. That project ended up being scrapped however the lessons and skills learned will be employed on another future project. Thanx anyways mon.

  • HI ,

    Is there anyway to change the visibility of the iScroll object? Reading through the instructions I don't see a way... I've tried simply moving the object itself out of frame when I want it to be "invisible", however, this has lead to problems for me -- namely -- it doesn't seem to want to move all the time

    If the is a programmatic day that doesn't involve changing the position, please let me know!



  • Umm, apparently I was in "Full-Screen" move and not "Frame" this seems to have resolved the issue

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