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  • Thanks septeven!

    I do another test but with this pluginAjax Post and it do not show the error message in my iPad.

    Hope this can help you!

  • septeven

    Hi, do you already had the time to finish the new version of iScroll!


    I have to look at this issue with Ajax.

    About your other question, the new version that I already coded support this functionnality.

    I just need to take time to clean it up a little bit.

    I have not so much time to do it now, but I'll try to do it during the weekend.

    I'll let you know."


  • Hi septeven

    do you had success in change the action to "create a new line, in runtime, and identify when this line is pushed" in your iScroll plugin?

  • NRABrazil

    Give me few days to release it :)

  • septeven

    Great news   <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Sure, you got all the time you need <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Antecipate thanks!

  • NRABrazil

    OK I haven't got the time to test it since I've developed this version. It may contains some bugs.

    I think I'm gonna totally recode iScroll in future as well.

    Also, I didn't adapt this version with the new C2 SDK. It should works though.

    (Basically, I didn't change anything since I made this version, I don't have the time sorry.)

    Let me know if you occur some bugs.

    [Changelog V 1.2]

    [Add] - condition On swipe Left - On Swipe Right (touch only).

    [Add] - condition On Any line clicked.

    [Add] - expression getActualElementID.

    [Add] - expression getScrollingPosition.

    [Add] - action Scroll To Y.

    [Add] - property z-index.

    [Change] - The iScroll plugin is now listed in the iPhone/mobile category.

    [Change] - Properties are displayed by group.

    [Fix] - a bug with the touch plugin.

  • septeven

    Thanks man!

    I will try it right now!

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  • Hi,

    I try to add a video in the text option in the Add line like this :

    "<!DOCTYPE html>



    <video width=""320"" height=""240"" controls=""controls"">

    <source src=""http://www.w3schools.com/html/movie.mp4"" type=""video/mp4"">Your browser does not support the video tag.




    The video plugin is here, but it says me it can't find the video.

    Is it possible to do that or what i'm doing wrong ?


  • By the way, how is it possible to do the Messages folder like in the right example ?

    I tryed to create new lines when i click on the message one, but they are add at the end of the plugin.

    Thank again...

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27157668/construct2/images/iscroll/iscroll_ios_examples.jpg" border="0" />

  • Not supported in Appmobi, not supported in CocoonJS.

  • septeven

    Please I need your help!

    I am using, with great sucess, the last version of iScroll you furnished, but now when I update C2 to r110.2 the exportation with or withou minified option stop working! But in C2 editor is working fine!

    This link is to my exported file

    exported file


  • septeven

    Correcting my last post!

    I change iScroll objet to the top layer and the non minified version is working now, but the minified no.

    non minified version

    minified version

  • NRABrazil

    You'll have to wait for a solution till I can check this since I'm totally busy at this time.

    Be sure I don't forget you though.


  • septeven

    you do not need to apologize, I understand, and I will wait you!


  • V.1.22

    Fix a bug when layer was hidden

    Fix some other minor bugs.

    Fix a bug occured when minified

    NRABrazil It should work but I didn't test, please let me know

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