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  • newt szukasz

    I reported the plugin is broken on the first page - I'll work on it asap.

  • It should be fixed - please re-download it.

    Also, I'm gonna to recode almost all of my plugins in order to make them better written (I did most of them when I started to develop JS) and in order to make them more compatible with every runtime supports of Construct 2.

    Hopefully it'll come soon, but I have a bunch of work - See you' ;)

  • I don't know if I'm doing it correctly. I want to center the position around the users location, but whenever I use the 'Locate' function, nothing happens.

    I've put it in on GoogleMap creation event. Have I made something wrong?

  • joelsandberg

    unfortunately, this plugin has too many bugs. I have to recode it.

    (I did this plugin when I started learning JS, so I didn't understand all what I was doing at this time).

    I'll keep you in tune.

  • I see, have you began recoding it?

    I'm really interrested in this one!

  • joelsandberg


  • Very useful plugin, thanks !

    It could be interesting to have a default streetview Type beside roadmap, satelitte...

  • Septeven, i`ve got a little problem (which causes a big trouble): added map is set on the latitude and longtitude that set in the "properties" column, but when i need to change coordinates with "Set longtitude" or "Set latitude" - nothing happens or the place it goes seriously misses (example: fields near London instead of London).

  • This sounds sweet I'll post some screenshots if I can get it working.

    Thanks for posting it.

    Joannesalfa why quote the OP ? you like taking up space for no reason?

  • L1amm Why are you judging people?

  • So, i`ve solved the problem with wrong long- and latitude. If Google Maps plugin sets wrong coordinates, you have to add a new action to editime.js:

    AddAnyTypeParam("X", "Hujur Xcoord", "");

    AddAnyTypeParam("Y", "Hujur Ycoord", "");

    AddAction(2, 0, "Set longitudeXY", "Position", "Set to: {0},{1}", "Set longitudeXY", "setXYgoogleMap");

    (somewhere in string 70-90)

    and then add a new function to runtime.js:

    Acts.prototype.setXYgoogleMap = function (x,y)


         this.googleMap.setCenter(new google.maps.LatLng(x, y));     



    Right after setXgoogleMap and setYgoogleMap functions.

    Use it wisely and improve .js carefully :)

  • Yozzik,

    I really like this plugin by septeven.However I cannot get the coordinates to work properly. Your post regarding solving the long and lat part of it is very interesting to me. I have been trying to get the plugin to work properly for days. Do you happen to have a sample capx?

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  • Sorry, I've already said I have to recode this plugin - however I just have no time to do this for the moment, I'm moving in one month.

  • I've tried this plugin before and i like it. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Today i want try it with new geolocation plugin.I set google maps latitude and longitude to geolocations latitude and longitude.I dont know reason but i cant get true position though i try many time and different way.

  • Has anyone found a way to overlay sprites on top of the map?

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