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Google Analytics 4 Plugin for Construct 3 enables metrics and analytics for your games easily.
  • Has anyone managed to get this to work with a NW.JS export?

  • Build fails with Intel XDK Crosswalk for me. twistcap, how did you get it work?

  • Got the build to work (must have been Intel server issue)...

    I have the app running on my phone and am not seeing anything in GA. Real Time shows nothing.

    suntemple can you confirm if this works if exported for Crosswalk via C2 and built with Intel XDK? I am thinking not.

  • I ran more test and sadly my happy ending with XDK Crosswalk for Analytics came to an end. I was able to compile and publish the work using another plugin suggested by Intel but analytics was simply not feeded with this plugin. So sadly up to now I have abandonned until either Intel or Scirra comes up with an solution.

    One plugin seems to work but I have not tried it and it's cranberries Phone gap bundle. Drawback you need to purchase the entire bundle for 25$ or so and e-mail to creator so he can e-mail you the bundle. I did not want to spent money on that.

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  • Thanks for confirming Good to know I'm not the only one. I'll go look for a 3rd party Intel XDK plugin...

  • suntemple very useful plugin, is it working for apps?

  • laoniustudio, thanks. Unfortunately it doesn't. But one dev made it work via proxy page ( you will have to host it yourself ). Please check this post for more details:

  • suntemple Thanks for the plugin. One question: Where i find custom events and timings on GA dashboards?

  • Renfd

    To view data on screen tracking, first click on BEHAVIOR then SCREENS, and next to the menu nav you'll see data on screen tracking.

    (see image below)

    For events, click EVENTS under BEHAVIOR and then click OVERVIEW to see results for total number of events and then events by category and action (which you named in Construct 2).

    (see image below)

  • KENYONB Thank you very much for such detailed response

    The odd thing is that i can't find the screen section on my dashboard. Is this only for native apps?

    Other odd thing is that the timed events (which measures the duration) do not appear.

  • Renfd

    Did you setup your Google Analytics property as an App? or website?

    If you are exporting as APK for Android, it needs to be set up as an App:

    https://support.google.com/analytics/an ... 4741?hl=en

  • awesome

  • suntemple - Arg for the life of me i cant get this working.

    When using your example file and entering in my tracking ID (i tried setting it up as both a Web page and mobile app)

    I see on the analytics page that there is 1 user on the page, and the Event Category has "Game" listed with "Event Action "StartLevel" triggered each time i refresh the page

    but no matter what i try when adding new events in the test scene, those events wont show up at all in google analytics.

  • it doesn't work anymore? i tried in my project, but when I enter on browser show the error ReferenceError: ga is not defined. in any browser.

  • it doesn't work anymore? i tried in my project, but when I enter on browser show the error ReferenceError: ga is not defined. in any browser.

    Hello! Recently I integrated into our game (http://wigames.net/game/547-shooting-heads/) stats and displays the plug-in / exported without error.

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