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  • Firebase makes a persistent websocket between the client and server. This decreases latency and lower the number of bytes transferred compared to HTTP. One concurrent user = one websocket. A connection is made when the API is loaded, which is before authentication (you don't need your users to login to use Firebase, its an optional service which is useful for securing your data, but its not necessary). There is a goOffline()/goOnline() for pulling the connection down before the application closes. So the CCU limit is how many people can have your application open *at exactly the same time* generally (each user can make many subscriptions, CCU != subscriptions).

  • Hey rexrainbow. With the parse or firebase leaderboard plugin, is possible to make leaderboards with different time frames? Like Daily and Weekly leadearboards?

  • Renfd

    No, they are not support daily or weekly leadearboards recently.

    I might add this feature.... when I have time.

  • Quick question rexrainbow , what is the format that is needed for the Push JSON action for Firebase?

    I was hoping I could do a simple Push so I would put in the JSON value box:

    "{author: something, title: something}"

    So then it would create in Firebase something like

    { -randompushvaluecreated

    author: something,

    title: something


    But console keeps coming back with an invalid token and the first character after the {

    Any ideas?

  • Use JSON plugin to build JSON string.

  • rexrainbow

    The authentication plugin, the action "logging out current account" does not seem to work anymore. I log in with Facebook through Firebase, and I go to disconnect the user, but keeps them logged in. Maybe this is a bug?

  • GameThirsty

    Could you provide a very simple test capx for this bug reporting?

  • GameThirsty

    Could you provide a very simple test capx for this bug reporting?


    Hello, yes here is a simple Facebook login with the Authentication plugin.

    It does not want to log you out regardless of pressing the logout button on this CAPX. You will need to put your own firebase domian though as I did not include mine in there. This capx works like this: You are auto logged in from start of layout. Once logged in the text box will display the Facebook Display Name for the user. This verifies you logged in. The text below that is for logout. Pressing it supposed to log you out of Facebook, then a second later restart the layout. But when it restarts it auto logs you back in, that is why it is not working for logout. Facebook should be asking for credentials again.

    Thank you for looking into this!

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8m5DD ... sp=sharing

  • GameThirsty

    You might try to disable "Action:Connect Facebook" (It is another way to connect to facebook) , since it had already "Action:Login".

  • rexrainbow

    Not sure I understand what you mean. I need to get the users access token regardless. Even if I disable it, it still doesn't log the user out.

  • GameThirsty

    "Condition:On login successfully" will be triggered after "Action:Login" called. User did not need add "Action:Connect Facebook" here. ( If user selects the authentication provider to facebook.

    While I clicked the logout button, the layout will restart, and the popup window of facebook authentication will be shown again.

  • GameThirsty what if you force reload the game after the layout is restarted? Maybe something is cached.

  • rexrainbow

    Yes, the facebook authentication should return back to log in menu on facebook. That is, if the user logs out, which that log out function should of logged them out. My goal is to do an "auto login" function. It works fine, but when I go to log someone out, and restart the layout, it still authenticates them.

  • Update

    rex_parse_itemtable plugin: Add a new sample capx for sorting or filtering items (which came from parse) at local.

    Sort or filter data at local

    Sample capx

    Items read from parse could be put into rex_taffydb object by "Action:Insert JSON data" (rex_taffydb) with "Expression:ItemsToJSON" ((rex_parse_itemtable). Then user could sort or filter these items at local by this rex_taffydb object.

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  • rexrainbow,

    hello, which combinations of actions and conditions i should use to take XY player positions for Real time game from firebase database? Because if i use "On value changed" and value VectorX player reaches limit, then this condition will not work

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