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The I18N (Translation) is a Construct plugin created to translate text in game.
  • Plugin and exporter for Ejecta.

    Supports native Ejecta functions, Game Center, iAP.

    Documentation on the github page.


    This plugin is being used in Pigs in the Oven, published on the App Store, meaning it's 100% App Store compatible (iAP as well).


    This is a plugin for advanced users that understands the Apple platform, especially for iAP.

  • Very nice share, thx a lot. ;)

    I'm bit suprise by your github comment :

    urrently WebGL is not officially supported by this plugin. The exporter exists and it's included but it's completely experimental and it won't work with the provided index.js file. The reason is that after several tests I found that WebGL is much slower than 2d canvas and memory wise there are no improvements, canvas 2d is the way to go for now.

    Did you make some benchmark using webgl ?

    normaly webgl is the best way to go to have and good and more fast native app, no?

  • My only benchmark is my game, I don't consider a real benchmark a prototype (like "Space Blaster").

    So speaking of my game I noticed a drop in fps compared to canvas2d, additionally there was absolutely no improvement in memory management so there was no reason for me to use it.

    The exporter is there, I encourage everyone to experiment with it, just now that while I guarantee 100% canvas2d I can't say the same for webGL.

  • Thank you for the plugin, can you implement iAds and other in app purchases in the future?

  • Sheepy, I will implement those features as soon as I'll need them, probably multiple iAP will come very soon..

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  • That?s great, the plugin is working amazingly well(much better than cocoonjs). Ashley should really think about implementing ejecta natively, I?m getting 60 fps on iphone 4s and about 45fps on my old 3gs.

  • Can you please do a quick explanation in how to use iap with your plugin? Thank you!

  • I copy-pasted the logic used in my game, the two functions are the logic of what you need to do once the purchase has been made (depends on your app, usually setting a variable stating what has been unlocked).


  • I use EjectaXporter_WebGL to export and build IPA file. But C2 renderer show canvas 2d not webGl.Not real support WebGL.

    This plugin is there some condition like' on score submit success', to avoid submit score everytime to gamecenter.


  • Nofish

    As stated in the plugin page:

    Currently WebGL is not officially supported by this plugin. The exporter exists and it's included but it's completely experimental and it won't work with the provided index.js file.

    You need to edit index.js to make it work, I assure you it works, but there are issues with it thus I don't offer any kind of support if someone needs it and can't figure out how it works means that probably shouldn't be using it.

    Usually you submit score either on start of layout or after a user touches an element, I honestly can't think of a single reason to add these condition as the code handles errors on its own, it's not hard to implement but I don't offer any support on this plugin, I simply don't have time, I'll publish features that I'll need during the development of my own games and that's it..

    The code is there, you are all free to commit and add functionalities to benefit the whole community..

  • Thank you 0plus1, I hope that ashley notices the potential that ejecta holds and develop an official exporter + plugin ;]

  • Sheepy, I honestly think that this will never happen, the reasoning behind (and judging from some pm I got I agree with Ashley) is that Ejecta is not really user friendly, requires messing with the code and once you start supporting it "officially" you have also to start offering support for it and it can become quite an headache.

    I can't make promises but I'll probably keep the exporter+plugin fairly updated as it is what I'll be using with my own games..

    Next thing that will come out will be ads support and probably multiple iAPs.

  • 0plus1 yeah, it?s a good point, but I still think Ejecta is a better solution than the closed source of cocoonjs/appmobi. With Ejecta, unless I?m wrong about their licensing, you could port directly to an xcode project, not depending on the cloud or some mysterious licensing deal. Also, construct 2 would be helping to make ejecta more popular.

    It seens to me that Ashley is a bit disappointed in how the partnership with cocoonjs and appmobi went, with no schedules and bad communication.

    If was not for your work with the plugin, I would have to wait god knows how much time for cocoonjs next version to e ready. ;]

  • Sheepy

    I agree with you 100%, appmobi (which to be fair is more oriented toward apps) and cocoonJS turned out to be a total let down.

    Inconsistent updates, BASIC features (like Game Center Leaderboard/Achievement) are still not supported and more than anything there is no transparency about the business model.

    The rise of Ejecta (and other Open Source wrappers that might rise) is making it even harder for Cocoon, they need to step up their game, they can't afford to be 2 months behind Ejecta like now, otherwise no one will buy their product.

    Also is pretty clear that CocoonJS developers don't care about mantaining the plugin, look in contrast to Clay.io, the developer is always available and ready to answer and keep everything updated and in good working order.

    Ejecta could be made more popular by C2, the issue is that Ejecta exists to back up another JS Game Engine (Impact) and the author originally made it to increase the sales of its own Engine, so a partnership with Scirra would be unfair to both parties.

    This is the reason why I made my own exporter/plugin, hoping that more people will use it and in turn expand it.

  • 0plus1 I would love to help you expanding the ejecta plugin, but I don?t know anything about javascript, sorry ;/

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