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Total customisation of the input! You can combine inputs from all peripherals. Make your game accessible for everyone!
  • Input :

    A custom input element - type could be radio, checkbox, color, text, password, email ...

    • ... Inputs can be clicked with events
    • ... can be assigned attributes - > input set Attribute 'type' = 'color'
    • ... can compare attribute to help with selections
    • ... can fire an on change event - > i.e suitable for getting color from input
    • ... can append multiple css properties with one action
    • ... can be rotated or fade ...

    Newest v1.08: DOWNLOAD (July 23rd)

    Old versions: Just ask

    Recent additions :


    • Insert text index
    • Set className
    • Set id
    • Set z-index


    • id
    • className
    • selectionStart
    • selectionEnd
    • zIndex


    • CSSText


    • Stylesheet text



  • Looks neat!. Need to check it out!

  • If you have any suggestions or encounter any bugs please let me know.

  • When i click on the input object should there not be a drop down box in properties showing the various input types?

  • spongehammer, you could redownload ; Added dropdown for type param in the editor as suggested.

    -Added maxLength property

    -Added select text range (move cursor position) Make sure element is focused when calling action.

    -Fixed file expressions so they don't error if called from another elem type.


  • Noncentz705

    Thanks, looks interesting

  • That's look perfect for my needs... it's magical to see that you have implented the "selection start" and "textrange things", because it's barely what i needed in my new school project... Thank u

    [sorry for my poor grammar lvl in english ...]

  • this is Totally perfect,And i just waste my time to make a plugin basic on textbox like this,and now i found it thankyou so much,i need this

    Will you add a Important function"On Press Enter"?

  • Can add the keyboard plugin to your project 'Keyboard on return pressed do something'.

    If you need getting/setting cursor position... with textarea you could try pointer pos behavior

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  • Hi! Just searched for selecting text in an input object and it seems the default object cant do this. I willt try your plugin but it would be great if Ashley could add this to the default plugin.

  • Hi,

    Not really sure why and how, but after installing your plugin, some other plugins (especially the openmap one) started acting weird..

    The map started flickering. After removing your plugin from the plugin directory all went back to normal.

    It even happened when not putting the plugin in the project, so I have no idea to how this is possible, but it's a shame, for I would have really liked to use the possibilities..

  • LittleStain, this sounds like an unrelated problem especially since you mention errors without the plugin being included in the project. Can you reproduce the error without any third party addons? You said 'some other plugins', what were they?

  • Thanks for the reply..

    The problem doesn't seem to be in your plugin..

    It's just my computer having issues..

  • Glad to hear that. (except the pc issues, hopefully you get them resolved )

  • So i think i found a bug. I'm using an input field as a password typing area, and whenever i type the number 1 or 2 or 3 on my keyboard, no data is entered into the field all the other numbers work fine.

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