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  • ...And to add to ashar's post, here are the javascript errors that his app creates. All are attached - austin - please help?!?

    ashar - could you just please confirm that the leaderboard id and game API are correct on these - if they are not then I will delete this post as an error there could be the problem.

  • Colludium I checked again. Leaderboard and game API is correct.

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  • Cool!

  • I'm having trouble getting the leaderboard/achievements to work on android with cocoonjs. I tried the trick where you add the clay.io plugin folder to the zip that is exported through construct2. When I upload it to the cocoon cloud compile service, it does nothing when clicked. Am I missing something? Does it matter if I compile with canvas,webview+, or system webview in cocoon cloud service?

  • I haven't seen or heard from austin in a while, has anybody else? Wondering if they have been having issues and just not supporting the plugin, etc... anymore... anyone have any more recent experience interacting with the Clay.io folks?

  • BluePhaze, I emailed him at the beginning of May (asked about the option of disabling the clay.io plugin to enable gamejolt export without the clay login faff) and he replied within a couple of hours. I haven't seen any reply from him here for a while and I get the impression he doesn't frequent the forums any more.

  • oh, so I'm not the only one having problem with clay.io plugin. I just asked this on clay.io community and then go here to see if I'm the only idiot having problem with clay.io leaderboard.

    do anyone have an alternative to clay.io we can use while waiting for this problem is solved?

  • robert420 austin

    I have not been able to find this 'when modals open' on my C2 events. Am I missing something?

    Also does anyone know if there is a way to stop Clay.io automatically opening the login page?

    On my latest builds as soon as you open the app it prompts a login rather than letting you goto options and sign in?


  • Mayfly, I asked Austin that very question a few weeks ago because I didn't want my game in NG to use the Clay login. He told me there was no way to isolate the plugin so all I did was set up my events so they would not break and then delete the clay plugin before exporting the game - then press the undo button. Worked OK if a little less than ideal.

  • Clay plugin bug report. On W8.1 I receive a JavaScript error when the game starts in IE11; it works correctly inside Chrome and Firefox.


  • Doesn't C2 come with Clay packed with it? Doesn't seem like them to per-install a plugin that no longer works. or maybe they don't anymore I haven't checked each update. I'm really not sure how it works I'm just looking for the best way to make an online leader board and it sounds like clay is no longer it.

    Someone please let me know thanks.

  • Clay keeps getting less and less functional for me, is there anyone trying to fix it?

  • I got everything working but the Facebook add friends function and the tweet function. I did manage to get all the set up to actually add it to Facebook but I'm just getting a blank white page. No errors and I can see the Clay.io icon at the bottom but my page is not visible.

    I'm not sure if it's C2, Clay or both...

    Let's keep each other post with any fixes,


  • Launching my game with the clay.io plugin enabled, I get the following javascript error (I'm using Node Webkit):

    TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'fetch'

    at Object.n.exports.checkForUpdates (http://clay.io/api/api.js:45:174)

    at Object.n.exports.store (http://clay.io/api/api.js:45:110)

    at c.d (http://clay.io/api/api.js:219:363)

    at c.emit [as $emit] (http://cdn.clay.io/socket.io.js:8:4894)

    at c.onPacket (http://cdn.clay.io/socket.io.js:8:20419)

    at d.onPacket (http://cdn.clay.io/socket.io.js:8:16787)

    at c.onPacket (http://cdn.clay.io/socket.io.js:8:10730)

    at c.onData (http://cdn.clay.io/socket.io.js:8:10467)

    at WebSocket.websocket.onmessage (http://cdn.clay.io/socket.io.js:8:21443)

    Anyone got a solution for this?

    I only need clay.io for achievements.

    EDIT: I can't even access the script stored at http://clay.io/api/api.js, so it could be that. Which makes me wonder: What about being offline? Surely, an unreachable script shouldn't crash the whole game.

  • I'm having some trouble with the Leaderboards. I can submit high scores and see them on my Clay.io account, but they won't load up on my game. When I open the page to test it out, I get this message:


    Javascript error!

    TypeError: Clay.Leaderboard is not a constructor

    http://localhost:50000/Clay_plugin.js, line 689 (col undefined)

    This is likely a bug in Construct 2 or a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer. Subsequent errors will be logged to the console.


    I'm not very experienced with coding so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if it's a legitimate bug.

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