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Pixel Destruction like in "Worms" (Drawing Canvas based)
  • 请问consturct 3 怎么安装这个插件!急急急!

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  • R0J0hound Not entirely sure which is the more up to date version of the canvas plugin so is it possible it can be posted below?

  • It should be the one in the first post.

  • There is an issue with the dropbox files giving an error 404

  • Ah. Guess I never got around to fixing it.

    Here’s a list with what should be working links.


  • Hey, i have a problem with clicking on objects as they're on on of the other layers behind the canvas, so their X & Y Coordinates are different.

    Is it possible to do "On touched object" right in the canvas? And how?

  • I love this plugin so much, I feel obligated to show some of the things i've done with it—

    basically having each tile create a destination in copy of itself on top of a canvas tile the same size on a layer with that sludge pattern and have a source in image of a splatter pasted into canvas.

  • Hello Dears :

    is there any chance to save canvas after draw , and reload it later

    save and load is not working with Canvas :(

  • Worst case you can use canvas.imageUrl to get a save of the canvas image. Then to load it you’d take a sprite at the same position as the canvas, load the imageUrl into an animation frame of the sprite, set the sprite size to the same size as the canvas, clear the canvas, and finally paste the sprite into the canvas.

    On a side note the plugin did save/load the image at some point. It possibly could have been disabled in code since it was slow, but I don’t recall. I don’t use the plugin anymore and have ceased any development on the plugin itself to fix issues that crop up.

    I am happy to try to help with usage questions when I can. Probably not with examples, since I don’t have it installed, but maybe I can help point you in the right direction.

  • R0J0hound Thank you for the great plugins and thank you for your replay

    but last question , is there any chance to save canvas plugin to JSON , then load it again ??

  • That would have to be done inside the plugin, and that’s what save/load actually does. However, no, there’s nothing implemented on that front.

    You can use the canvas.asjson expression to get some json that can be loaded into the array object, but it’s not reversible.

  • Is there somewhere a guide to know how use the new possibility?

  • Hi, while using the plugin I realized that trying to past a tilemap into the canvas creates an error

    Is that something that can be fixed or is it that both are uncompatible? Thanks ~

    Edit : it works only if Webgl is disabled

  • R0J0hound I have a code to create the content of the canvas in a tiff image, I tried to create both in action, as in the expression in eddittime and runtime of your plugin, but it is returning as an undefined object

    this is the original code

    I tried as much of the action, as this one now of expression or taking the url or going but always returns as an undefined object, even converting the variable c to this.canvas

  • Tomycase

    The plugin was made to utilize the non webgl renderer. Even with webgl on it uses the non webgl drawing of plugins. Things like tilemap sets up itself internally different with webgl. So in short it won't work, although you could try the paster object which takes advantage of webgl and is similar.


    That's out of the scope of what I can help with. I'll answer questions about the plugin here and there, but I've since abandoned this. Anyways, you'll have to debug it more to see why it doesn't work. I usually have to test things a bit at a time to find out what works and where exactly it breaks and try to figure out why.

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