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Pixel Destruction like in "Worms" (Drawing Canvas based)
  • In Firefox, there is a Security option to 'Block dangerous and deceptive content' which sometimes categorises a download as dodgy (I unticked it a long time ago as I am capable of deciding for myself what is OK). It may be that or some other program blocking zip downloads - only thing I can think of.

    If R0J0 has the time - or feels kindly - he could maybe provide a different link or a proper .c2addon which would make installation much easier for users, but obviously that would be up to him.

  • It still works fine here. I noticed the newer Dropbox links are slightly different so I added a modified link.

  • I started getting "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET 404" in Chrome.

    It is working now. It must have been a 3rd party software. I closed everything manually and in Taskbar and tried again and it is working now.

    I did this before and it didn't work, but now it did.

    I refreshed the page this time and didn't last time.

    **** Update****

    It seems to be Avast causing this for only the download links for the plugin. I never had it happen for any other link.

    I have to disable "Web shield" to download.

    I don't know how to go about fixing it because it is allowing/blocking from the same address.

    I added an Exclusion and messed with the settings and it still does it..

    Also if I disable Web Shield and enabled it again, it sometimes still allows download.

    This isn't the proper forums to speak about Avast. I am just gonna reinstall it.

    I just added it in case others were having trouble.


    After an uninstall and a scan to remove every trace of Avast, I reinstalled and it is still doing the same.

    At least I have a fresh install now.

    Thanks R0J0hound for the 2nd link.

    Great Plugin as well.

  • I'm developing an RPG for the PC.

    I work alone.

    This plugin has been very helpful to load images and objects. Save PC resources.

    Can I use this supplement, and sell RPG without consequences?

  • Aizark

    All my plugins are free to use.

  • Aizark

    All my plugins are free to use.

    thank you very much for the answer

  • R0J0hound

    The link of plugins was invalided, since dropbox had removed "public folder" in 03/16 (today).

  • rexrainbow

    It may take a while for me to post new links. I neglected to plan ahead and don't have anything set up.


    new link posted

  • R0J0hound

    is That possible to cut that canvas and use physics with that ?

  • It's possible to slice up the image but we can't change the collision polygon.

  • I see , but is there a method to slice a shape and apply a physics to that object ?

    Like in 3 Slices ?

  • The canvas plugin can only do the visual portion. Here's an old example:

    Here's a rambling of how to split a polygon itself.

    Then to actually change a collision polygon to do the physics there is this plugin:

    I don't have a comprehensive example.

  • Thank You

    even someone mentioned the same example as me

  • R0J0hound

    I think I found a bug where the paste layer and paste object actions paste invisible objects.

    Link to bug: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3gfk7plpsm9vj ... .capx?dl=0

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  • A curve can be approximated by a bunch of lines so you either can do that or another way would be to use a tilemap with 1x1 tiles.

    If you make the size the same as the canvas and loop overall the pixels and set the tile if it's a certain color after a pretty good delay you'll have it colliding with what you drew.

    Hey R0J0hound , can you please explain a little better the "loop overall the pixels"? I managed to make the tilemap draw with the touch/mouse, but if you go a bit fast, it makes gaps between pixels.

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